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BMVN’s lawyers have both worldwide and native legal experience, which enables it to keep its broad worldwide perspective while still retaining the options of the local firm in Vietnam. This excellent dynamic enables our staff to supply innovative methods to the instances they handle.

With lawyers and senior legal consultants concentrating on the broad spectrum of IP and commercial IP transaction matters, BMVN has got the depth of talent to produce dedicated teams for every kind of situation they handle. BMVN’s franchising practice continues to be particularly prominent lately, with multinational and native corporations alike choosing the advice of BMVN’s expert team to assistance with creating franchises along with other commercial presences throughout Vietnam.

Our work includes assisting the Vietnamese government in drafting the nation’s first IP law, along with the law’s applying decrees. We’ve also trained idol judges, customs government bodies and IP officials on a variety of pertinent IP matters and performed a vital role within the founding from the Vietnam Anti-Counterfeiting and IP Protection Association for Foreign Invested Companies.

Litigation and Enforcement

Made up of a number of Vietnam’s most sophisticated litigators, BMVN is fully licensed to represent clients in litigation cases in local Vietnamese courts. We includes leading Vietnamese experts who have filed and handled a few of the country’s landmark litigation matters, including unfair competition, defective products and contract claim cases.

Our IP litigation and enforcement experience is broad. We’ve organized effective raids across various domains, for example software applications and equipment, electronics, and clothing and eyewear, inducing the seizure and destruction of several counterfeit goods. In close coordination using the local enforcement government bodies, we’ve also effectively compelled numerous shops in Vietnam that falsely portrayed themselves as official distributors to permanently remove infringing signs. Our newest cases include trying numerous website name cases prior to the World Ip Organization, and protecting the information privacy of the multinational automobile company inside a situation spanning many years and relating to the effective defeat of the appeal at certainly one of Vietnam’s greater appellate jurisdictions. BMVN’s specific regions of focus include:

  • Registration
  • Vietnam within the

  • Litigation and Enforcement
  • Copyright
  • Licensing and Franchising
  • Legal Translation Service
  • Patent Protection

Satisfy the BVNM team

To learn more, please contact:

Tran Manh Hung

BMVN mind

T: + 84 4 3936 9398




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