How it is like to look for a condo (along with a good kitchen) in hanoi, vietnam

How it is like to look for a condo (along with a good kitchen) in hanoi, vietnam First, there

Apartment Hunting in Hanoi

Structures are usually very deep but narrow due to old tax laws and regulations that based property tax around the width from the front from the building. Most houses are from alleyways, so it’s rare to determine grass.

Apartment hunting this is a entirely unique animal. First, there’s the word what barrier, so searching on the internet meant we’re able to only discover the overpriced apartments targeted at British-speaking Westerners. Plus, the normal things we’d search for home just aren’t common here, unless of course you’re willing to cover them: dryers, closets, ovens, a bed room outside of the living space (“one bedroom” and “studio” appear to mean exactly the same factor here).

Fortunately, after living from suitcases, we weren’t searching for much space. All we would have liked would be a decent kitchen, a desk having a view, along with a bus stop nearby.

What Our Apartment Is Much Like

The apartment we moved into in March already seems like home. In true Hanoi fashion, the entire apartment is lengthy and thin, just a little over eight ft wide.

Your kitchen is a lot smaller sized than my last kitchen, however it has lots of space for which we want. I’ll miss baking – there isn’t any oven – but they’re already beginning to acknowledge me in the French loaves of bread next door (I will pretend that’s a great factor). The cooktop is connected to a canister of gas, so there isn’t any monthly gas bill. We also have a piece of countertop greater compared to rest, and it is the perfect height in my tall self and my tall boyfriend to reduce veggies easily. The good thing is the fact that we’re right over a furniture shop, meaning there exists a beautiful wooden table and chairs.

We might not have found a stove, but we’re understanding how to let the creativity flow and prepare something totally new without them: we’ve made Vietnamese fresh spring rolls, split pea dal, so we eat Thai curry a minimum of two times per week. I’m searching toward attempting to make spanish mackerel with lemongrass – and seeking something totally new is exactly what this move is about.


Interior Design — Small Condo Kitchen Reno


Roberto O: Please post more of this designer! Great job

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Sethrin Tatu: Yes, he doesn't have his head up his arse in pretentious bs.

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Candis C: I like it when real designers like Cameron MacNeil are placed on this channel instead of those stuffy pretentious designers. This kitchen was well done and Cameron talked about what his clients liked, what would make their life easier and how his design would work in their existing space. Well done!

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