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There’s a famous pre and post photo of Shanghai’s dominating Pudong district skyline. It demonstrates the rate of development that Shanghai familiar with under twenty years.

And it is going to meet its counterpart in Vietnam.

Ho Chi Minh City’s newest district, Thu Thiem, is anticipated to rival Shanghai’s Pudong position for magnitude of vision and iconism in Asia. It’s presently an undeveloped 657 hectare peninsula across from District 1, separated through the Saigon River. Tomorrow’s vision of Ho Chi Minh City is going to be built here. The modernization from the city is quickly starting to materialize.

Just how will the average Vietnamese local or foreigner get a bit of this course of action?

They at Vietcetera requested a few real estate development buddies by what their most favorite bits of the cake are available.

1. Empire City (being built – District 2)

Empire City Thu ThiemCredit:

Developers: Gaw Capital, Keppel Land, Tien Phuoc and Tran Thai.

This project will formally launch in Q4 of 2016. Condo costs are around $2,500-$2,800 per sqm. The developers are anticipated to give keys in Q1 of 2019. You will find intends to construct 3000 units with more than a 14.5 hectare area. It’s waterfront and can boast a 86-story tall building, five-star hotel, shopping center, apartments and shop houses.

Empire City is situated within the most searched for-after positions in District 2, that has intends to become “the new district 1.2” of Ho Chi Minh City.

Official Website

2. Sala (being built – District 2)


Developer: Dai Quang Minh Corp.

Sala may be the greatest project within the Thu Thiem peninsula. The featured products readily available for purchase include villas, condos and townhouses. Phase 1 is anticipated to become complete through the finish of 2017.

Condo prices vary from $1,800-$3,600 per sqm.

Official Website

3. The Sun’s Rays Avenue: (being built – District 2)

The Sun AvenueCredit:

Developer: NovaLand

NovaLand may be the second property developer in Vietnam after VinGroup. Spread over eight towers, The Sun’s Rays Avenue will feature 1400 units and simple accessibility future Ben Thanh – Suoi tien metro line.

Costs are likely to hit the industry at $1,400-$1,600 per sqm.

Official Website

4. Lexington Residence (completed – District 2)

Lexington ResidenceCredit:

Developer: NovaLand

The Lexington Residence is much deeper inside District 2 and also the costs are reflected for the reason that location – it’s nearly 50% less expensive than the initial few options.

The cost range before completion was 1,100-1,400 per sqm. It’s likely to return a cost of >$1,600 per sqm for existing proprietors.

E-Leaflet PDF

5. The Flora (completed – District 9)

The FloraCredit:

Developer: Nam Lengthy, Hankyu Real estate and Nishitetsu

This project is one of the middle-finish segment. The Flora’s District 9 location causes it to be a no for many house hunters, however for others it’s a lesser cost point and will be offering similar amenities because the other available choices. It’s directly alongside District 2 and it is growing quickly.

Cost remain $900-$1,100 per sqm.

Official Website


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