Vietnam buys submarine-launched land attack missiles to discourage china

Vietnam buys submarine-launched land attack missiles to discourage china potential targets, Thayer stated

* Vietnam bought Russian-made land attack Klub missiles

* Missiles have 300 km range

* Analysts surprised at assertive weapon choice

* Vietnam’s ties with China strained over South China Ocean

* Weapons prone to target Chinese ports, airfields –


By Greg Torode

HONG KONG, April 30 Vietnam is arming its

expanding submarine fleet with land attack missiles that may

manage to reaching Chinese seaside metropolitan areas, a range of

weapon apt to be viewed as provocative by China within the ongoing

South China Ocean dispute.

The independent Stockholm Worldwide Peace Research

Institute (SIPRI) lately updated data on its web site to show

Vietnam’s purchase of the Russian-made land attack variant of

the Klub missile because of its condition-of-the-art Kilo attack


SIPRI arms investigator Siemon Wezeman stated the entry was

according to an early on but little-observed filing Vietnam made last

year towards the U . s . Nations’ register of conventional arms.

Regional military attaches and analysts begin to see the missiles as

an additional manifestation of Vietnam’s determination to counter an upswing of

China’s military and a part of a wider trend of Parts of asia

re-arming among rising territorial tensions.

The option of weapon is really a more assertive one compared to

anti-shipping missiles Vietnam was likely to obtain.

While individuals would potentially target Chinese ships and

submarines within the South China Ocean, the land attack weapons are

able to precision strikes at a variety of 300 kilometres,

making China’s seaside metropolitan areas potential targets in almost any conflict.

Carl Thayer, a specialist on Vietnam’s military in the

Australian Defence Pressure Academy, stated the move would be a "massive

shift" beyond more routine anti-ship tactics.

"They have given themselves an infinitely more effective deterrent

that complicates China’s proper calculations," he stated,

adding he was surprised at the move.

Vietnam may be the first Southeast Asian nation to arm its

submarine fleet having a land attack missile.

The Vietnamese defence and foreign ministries haven’t yet

respond to your questions posted by Reuters. Vietnamese military

officials have formerly described Vietnam’s arms build-up,

such as the submarine purchases, as defensive.

Moscow-based Almaz-Antey, parent company from the missiles’

manufacturer Novator, declined to discuss any weapon sales to



Instead of risk a panic attack on metropolitan areas for example Shanghai, it’s

much more likely Vietnam would see closer ports and airfields, such

because the naval base at Sanya on China’s Hainan Island and

facilities on land reclamations China is building within the South

China Ocean, as potential targets, Thayer stated.

While communist parties rule both Vietnam and China, Hanoi

has lengthy been cautious about China, especially over Beijing’s states

the majority of the potentially oil-wealthy South China Ocean.

Beijing’s keeping an oil rig in waters claimed by

Vietnam this past year sparked riots in Vietnam and infuriated

Hanoi’s leadership. Its coast guard ships and fishing motorboats were

routinely chased away by bigger Chinese ships throughout the


The 2 navies routinely eye one another over disputed

holdings within the sea’s Spratly islands, which straddle a number of

the earth’s busiest shipping lanes.

Before acquiring the most recent weapons, Hanoi’s previous land

attack abilities were restricted to a number of ageing Scud

missiles and much more limited weapons fired by Russian-built Su-30

Vietnam buys submarine-launched land attack missiles to discourage china your final sixthaircraft.

Vietnam’s navy has had having three Russian-built

Kilos along with a 4th is within transit within $2.6 billion deal

struck with Moscow in ’09, based on Vietnamese condition press

reports. A fifth is undergoing ocean-trials off St Petersburg and

your final sixth submarine arrives to finish in 2016.

SIPRI has logged the purchase of fifty anti-ship and land attack

Klubs to Vietnam included in the deal, with 28 getting been

delivered already during the last 2 yrs. The actual quantity of

land attack missiles it’s bought isn’t openly available.

Moscow-based proper analyst Vasily Kashin stated the Kilos

offered to Vietnam are greater than individuals utilized by China while

Moscow hasn’t offered the Klub land attack missile to Beijing,

that has developed its very own similar weapon, the YJ-18.

Zha Daojiong, an worldwide relations professor at

Beijing’s Peking College, stated the move was a part of a

"normal" regional rearmament trend and Hanoi would be familiar with

the expense of ever with them against China.

"It’s a loaded pistol, but could (they) manage to fire it?,"

he stated.

China defence ministry has yet to reply to faxed

questions from Reuters.

Trevor Hollingsbee, an old naval intelligence analyst with

Britain’s defence ministry, stated Vietnam was creating China’s

greatest proper headache within the South China Ocean.

"All indications are that they’re surmounting the submarine

learning curve quite quickly…this can be a very real problem for

China," he stated.

(Additional reporting by Martin Petty in HANOI, Ben Blanchard

in BEIJING and Gleb Stolyarov in MOSCOW Editing by Rachel

Lance armstrong)