People from other countries buying and leasing property in southeast asia:

People from other countries buying and leasing property in southeast asia: people and it
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Although Cambodian officials would not be honest, Cambodian land law

has adopted Thai land law people recently. As

in Thailand, full possession of land in Cambodia is fixed to

Cambodians. You will find nevertheless the following methods to control or

own law available to people from other countries in Cambodia:

  • Leasehold. Although Cambodia restricts foreign

    possession of land, people from other countries may hold total curiosity about Cambodian land

    and house leases. Cambodia lease law enables a 99-year maximum

    lease period.

  • Condominiums – Cambodia enables people from other countries to possess

    condominiums even though the more knowledge about this continue to be developing.

  • Company possession – Cambodia registered companies

    with majority Cambodian possession can buy land in

    Cambodia. Previously it’s been common for foreign national to

    acquire a desire for Cambodian land as minority shareholders inside a

    Cambodian majority company.

  • Company possession – The Cambodia Investment Board

    (CIB) and also the Cambodia Development Council (CDC) backed companies –

    Foreign companies with CDC and CIB rights can own or lease land and

    develop a factory in Cambodia.

  • Citizenship – A foreigner may become a Cambodian

    Citizen by payment of $50,000, that is compensated towards the government and

    noted like a donation.

  • Cambodian spouse: A Cambodian spouse of the

    foreigner might be permitted to purchase land or property in Cambodia in the or

    her very own name. This may be problematic inside a divorce situation or perhaps in

    settlement of possession in the dying from the Thai spouse when the non-Thai

    spouse ended up being to live longer. A properly drafter prenuptial agreement

    may help in this but legally both spouses should comprehend the



Vietnam follows the Communist system of land possession. All land

is one of the people and it is managed through the Condition with respect to the

people. People receive land-use legal rights – not land

possession. Law recognizes free simple title. The utmost

possession legal rights for Vietnamese are leasehold of land, although

structures are enhancements could be owned directly. People from other countries are

not permitted to possess land. Overseas Vietnamese who have been born in

Vietnam but later required up residence overseas can purchase qualities under

progressively broadening criteria which are providing them with property legal rights more

similar to local Vietnamese.

  • Beginning in ’09, People from other countries who’re legally

    residents in Vietnam on the longer-term basis are allowed to buy

    apartments in a few developments within 50-year leasehold. The

    Vietnam National Set up approved this law overwhelmingly in 2008 but

    the applying rules haven’t yet been printed. Individuals qualified

    to purchase apartments underneath the law include foreign firms purchasing

    housing for staff, and 4 groups of people.

  • Included in this are people from other countries working at Vietnamese

    firms, people from other countries married to Vietnamese, people from other countries with special skills

    required by Vietnam’s economy, and people from other countries who’ve been awarded

    medals or any other honors through the government.

  • They are able to possess a house although not the find so it is

    built. They can lease the land in the Condition.

  • An overseas investor might also purchase Vietnamese

    real estate by developing some pot venture company having a local partner,

    or perhaps a wholly foreign-owned company, or by developing a Build, Operate and

    Transfer (BOT) company a treadmill of their variants.

  • People from other countries who’re residents in Vietnam can own

    dwelling houses but cannot sub-lease these dwellings. Foreign residents

    may also sell, donate, inherit, or give dwelling houses as gifts. But

    where they terminate their residence in Vietnam without disposal of

    their dwelling, 3 months after their departure from Vietnam their

    dwelling house certificates will instantly stop being valid, and

    the Vietnamese Condition will manage and employ their properties.

  • One factor that separates property transactions in

    Vietnam from all of those other world is it’s completed in pure gold. It

    is essential to take this into account when searching for any property. The

    buyer should be aware the costs and conversions for currency to

    gold whatsoever occasions.


Laos follows the Communist type of land possession. All land

is one of the people and it is controlled through the Condition. Lao

citizens are granted land use possession legal rights however the system doesn’t

represent fee simple possession of land. People from other countries are prohibited

from owning land. People from other countries can lease land although generally

the lease must be 3 decades long. These are the

provisions over land lease by people from other countries:

The typical time period of leases is only 3 decades, however the term

from the lease could be extended on the situation-by-situation basis:

  • land leased for building residences: 3 decades

    maximum having a possible extension

  • land leased for investment and business activities,

    in line with the proportions of each project: half a century maximum having a possible


  • land leased included in a particular economic zone: 75

    years maximum

  • land leased for diplomatic purposes and

    worldwide organizations: 99 years maximum or as otherwise provided

    by contracts arrived at backward and forward governments.


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