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About us :: citadel re & investments By having an

In 2013, Carl made several observations that ignited him to create their own investment company.

Carl noted that developers and ‘flippers’ were so centered on earning money they made the minimum quantity of improvement required to sell a house. Qualities tended to appear exactly the same these were completed with cheap materials and little responsibility for work. There wasn’t any originality, no innovation, no warranties, no branding with no customer care. Nothing elevated one company above another.

Also, he recognized that later on there will be a lack of lucrative ‘fixer’ qualities to snap as there have been less and less foreclosures or ‘short sales’ in high finish regions of Plastic Valley.

Using these observations surface of mind, Carl created Citadel RE & Investments LLC with several partners and investors. From a number of both technical and financial backgrounds, together they assembled a group well over 15 gifted people focusing on different areas: property development and finance, construction and renovation, architecture, design and condition from the art technology.

To provide Citadel an aggressive edge, Carl and the team were enterprising and energetic in developing relationships and connections with partners who could source lucrative off-market qualities and in that way sidestep competition. In a couple of several weeks, because of Carl’s instinct and efforts, Citadel had a minimum of 30 off-market deals introduced for them for review.

So that you can control quality, cost and repair levels for his or her projects, Citadel created Platinum Construction and Remodeling Corporation. Later, they added the Platinum Flooring Company for further leverage. By having an in-house contractor group, Citadel could implement a Citadel + Platinum Construction Workmanship Warranty on all their homes to make sure buyers their homes were renovated using the utmost focus on quality and detail.

Citadel created dealer partnerships with Sonos and Nest so that they could efficiently implement smart home features on their own homes. Most Citadel homes now include attached to the wall iPads, Sonos loudspeakers in every room, Nest Thermostats, Nest Smoke/Deadly Carbon Monoxide, Nest Drop Cams as well as an advanced three-stage alkaline consuming water system from Nuland.

Resourse: http://citadelbayarea.com/about-us/

Citadel RE & Investments LLC presents 1831 Hurst Ave in Campbell, CA.