Level 2 training – the gottman institute

Level 2 training - the gottman institute Gain confidence

Who Should Attend?

  • Mental health care professionals
  • Allied professionals and local clergy
  • Students and interns
  • Family clinic staff
  • Professors/teachers of couples therapy
  • Researchers within the social sciences
  • Worker assistance professionals

Training Objectives

  • View new demonstration films from John and Julie Gottman’s clinical office
  • Refine your clinical skills and expand your strategies and interventions inside your use couples
  • Learn how to internalize and integrate the effective, research-based Gottman Method assessment and intervention techniques
  • Gain insight regarding when you should begin using these methods so when couples treatments are contraindicated
  • Gain confidence in making use of the strategy

What You Will Really Learn?

  • Assess a couple’s Friendship Profile, Conflict Profile, and Shared Meaning Profile
  • Develop interventions that couples may use as antidotes towards the Four Horsemen
  • Help couples to assuage physiological flooding
  • Apply six modes of altering the Attack/Defend System inside a couple’s interactions
  • Assist couples in creating dialogue regarding their gridlocked conflicts
  • Select and implement interventions to assist couples deepen their Friendship System with rituals of connection
  • Select and implement interventions to assist couples produce a shared system of values and meaning
  • Identify and implement five different co-morbidities present with couples using Gottman Method assessments and interventions

Resourse: https://gottman.com/occasions/level-2-training-32/

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