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Hanoi, Vietnam – The Kenan Institute Asia formally opened up its Hanoi office to be able to better serve Vietnam’s development needs. Kenan, a Bangkok-based, regional non-profit development organization, will leverage its 18 experience within the regions of business and economic development, education, public health insurance and corporate social responsibility (CSR) to deal with Vietnam’s social and economic development needs.

At any given time when worldwide NGOs are taking out of Vietnam, Kenan has made the decision that Vietnam’s impressive degree of development meant it had been are you looking for market-based methods to development. Since its founding, Kenan has rooted itself in the fact that the private sector may use its sources and expertise to deal with development challenges which are typically regarded as public sector issues. For instance, Kenan is applying numerous major corporate social responsibility (CSR) projects for leading companies such Chevron, Citi, Microsoft, and Boeing, while supplying proper CSR consultancy services to a variety of companies, especially in worker and community stakeholder engagement.

“The Kenan Institute Asia includes a strong multi-sector development model and functions like a bridge between your private sector, government, academia and also the community to make sure that real development needs are met and also the impact is lasting.” stated Piyabutr Cholvijarn, President of Kenan Institute Asia.

Combined with the office opening, Kenan launched a company social responsibility (CSR) program. This program will give you training to in excess of 300 Vietnamese CSR officials and executives on practical methods to implement proper CSR. Working out is going to be delivered together with Vietnam SME Association, the American Chamber of Commerce along with other development partners. Additionally, Kenan will update the “State of CSR in Vietnam” study, initially conducted in partnership using the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI) and based on the Un Development Programme (UNDP).

“The Kenan household is very happy with the accomplishments from the Kenan Institute Asia. We’re certain that the Institute can extend its experience to build up partnerships using the Vietnamese to deal with sustainable development issues,” stated Thomas S. Kenan III, Trustee, The William R. Kenan Junior. Charitable Trust.

Although Kenan has been active in Vietnam since 1999, performing projects for in public places health insurance and economic development, the brand new office allows Kenan to construct more powerful partnerships with key private sector clients which help Vietnam address its priority development challenges. Presently, Kenan is dealing with development partners to apply the USAID funded ASEAN Connectivity through Trade and Investment (ACTI), including activities to assist build SME abilities in Vietnam’s private sector.

“All people at Kenan, together with our development partners, are looking forward to our expansion into Vietnam and expect to ongoing to create our effective development experience to Vietnam to be able to help strengthen Vietnam and also the ASEAN region”, stated Mr. Cholvijarn.

Kenan approaches key development challenges in the area with an innovative, market-based approach harnessing the sources and expertise from the private sector and also the experience and understanding from the public and civil society sectors to deal with key issues running a business and economic development, education and public health. With services including talking to, project design, management and implementation, training and research, and technical assistance, Kenan has arrived at over 100,000 direct beneficiaries including students, teachers, principals, public health workers, government officials, corporate employees, managers, policymakers, entrepreneurs, tourist operators, at-risk women, disadvantaged and poor populations, and small company proprietors.

To learn more, please contact:

Phan Kieu Anh, Program Manager, Vietnam, Kenan Institute Asia

Hanoi Office

Unit M-03, M Floor

Sofitel Plaza Hotel Hanoi

No. 1, Thanh Nien Street

Ba Dinh District, Hanoi, Vietnam

Tel./Fax.: 84-4 3715 1777 (Ext. 102)

Cell phone: 0914 568 677 / 0968 093 893


About Kenan Institute Asia: The Kenan Institute Asia Founded in 1996 using the support of america Agency for Worldwide Development (USAID), the Thai government, the William R. Kenan Junior. Charitable Trust and also the College of New York at Chapel Hill. Kenan is really a understanding and capacity building organization applying results-oriented, social and economic development programming on the not-for-profit basis. Kenan conducts activities in Cambodia, Lao PDR, Myanmar, Thailand and Vietnam, in addition to regional activities in Southeast Asia.


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Mikie St. John: Kevin Newell they have sidewalks they are being infringed upon

meaturama: OMG I don't give a shit about your life.

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retirecheapjc: Yes notice it was her worrying about my phone being in my pocket not me! I probably should be more wary but from living in Thailand so long it isn't a big issue for me. If I was to move permanently to Vietnam I would probably be more cognizant of these kinds of things.

Fred Azbell: Not a very "communist" country. LOL Is THIS what we fought a war to prevent???

Tom Winds: Few things I would like to add,\n\n1. I hate smoking ppl there. Really unhealthy and smell bad.When I went to public places like their coffee shops, or parties, I dressed in the worst outfits I could find. \n2. The passport thing is bad. It is mainly for vendors ' monetary collateral on the customers so they have to come back to pay, and for government tight controls of the population (communist ways).\n3. Old people are not unfriendly. They just find it futile to speak Vietnamese to English speakers and other way around so why even try ? That creates the perception that they are not friendly nor helpful. Unfriendly, NO. Unhelpful, YES.\n4. Vietnam has animal controsl all over the nation. A wandering dog will be caught by the government dogs snatchers and put into public cages, more like the Humane Society here.\n5. Honking is not equivalent to the middle finger here in the US nor direct at anyone. The Vietnamese think that it is polite way (!!!) to tell the others that here I am coming, please be noticed or watch out.\n6. Foods quality is not good, and unhealthy, nowhere near in comparison to Thailand. Too much pesticides, herbicides, hormones, antibiotics, and other chemicals in the soils and the in whole foods chains.\n7. All natural water sources in the cities and within hundred miles of factories are all contaminated. Lots of heavy metals, Lead (Pb), Cadmium (Cd), Mercury (Hg), Hexavalent chromium (Hex-Cr), Polybrominated biphenyls (PBB), and Polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PBDE) amongst many other toxic substances.\n\nThanks for the crisp video.

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Ngọc Tường: Bia hơi you said No Vietnamese want drink it, It's bottom choice for Vietnamese , get the fact, If I have some party , I choose Saigon beer, 333 beer, Heniken, Tigers,

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