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Dragon Hill City is situated in the center of Bai Chay, in which the flow from the Ha Lengthy river goes by. With all of-easy accessibilities, Dragon Hill City also offers a backdrop from the mountain that blocks the sunshine and noises in the shoreline. Dragon Hill has got the best location in Ha Lengthy city, the work follows the feng-shui rule, at the rear of the work may be the Mountain, as well as in front may be the ocean. As well as in the very first time, in Ha Lengthy, Quang Ninh, there’s a substance project, the mixture of shop-house and city-house. Dragon Hill City gives you an excellent lifestyle at Ha Lengthy, with global standard facilities, luxury &amp quality amenities, gate community &amp 1,000 complex area units. Each morning, you are able to send your kids to school inside Dragon Hill City, safe &amp seem. At night, your loved ones can walk across the eco-friendly area within the community high’s no motorcycles &amp cars being driven. Throughout the weekend, you can observe your kids swimming within the pool using their buddies in the neighbors when you drink coffee or play tennis together with your spouse. 4 Key Features of Dragon Hill City (Hạ Lengthy): PRIME LOCATION Dragon Hill City is situated directly on Highway 18A, that has convenient transportation links with famous holiday destinations of Halong for example Tuan Chau, SunGroup&#39s Halong Park, Bim Group&#39s Halong Marine Plaza, Vinhomes Dragon Bay, Vincom. The facilities for example restaurants, shopping malls, entertainment and sport areas are inside a 2km radius.House for purchase, vietnam - 48 results - with light and natural REASONABLE DESIGN Dragon Hill City includes a low density adjacent townhouse.This townhouse has 64 apartments and also the Shophouse has 83 apartments therefore the layout is congratulations too. Each unit from the project has a minimum of two sides, modern architecture neoclassical style, earning money space filled with light and natural air which helps the residents to reside an appropriate existence. BENEFITS Dragon Hill City has one basement in the spare room, 3 floors of business center, restaurant, nursery and 1 club house supplying high-class facilities like the health spa, fitness, pool. Therefore causes it to be comfortable for residents. Control Over Worldwide STANDARD OPERATION Managed and run by a esteemed Korean company in real estate market, Dragon Hill City brings our prime quality of existence for an worldwide metropolis in Ha Lengthy City.


House for purchase, vietnam - 48 results - an excellent lifestyle at Ha

Finding Abandoned Properties – How To Find Abandoned Property and The Owner


Willaim Murray: hello, love this, my real estate investing is just starting to come to life, the key thing I find is let people know you exist. My handyman services business leads to great deals. I learn and grow every day, God bless YouTube and google, knowledge more powerful than my college degree.

Alana Weaver: What do you acquire an abandoned property if the original owner is deceased and there are no known heirs to contact to buy the property? 

fngonuts: liens

watchgoose: Yes.  The Tax Assessor's office will have a record of who has been paying taxes on it.

Todd Ellison: You would look into the windows of an poorly kept up house? That's a good way to get shot in Texas. Just Sayin…

fngonuts: why would anyone be looking in a ghetto to make money in real estate.. ?

robert justus: +fngonuts They can  rent it as a section 8 property and charge sky high rent.

Billy Smith: Talking to a real-estate person can back fire they have folks doing the same thing you are .If you find a deal and contact an agent then the agent contacts their go to person who flips houses I had it happen.

NewAgeNote: +Billy Smith Good point! Hopefully you have not let that run you away from the investment oportunities.

Gina Flores: What if the owner is deceased and No family members can be located