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Housing in Hanoi for expats is actually easy to find. However, housing goes very rapidly because it’s such popular. If you discover the right housing, you need to hop on it as quickly as possible, otherwise another person can snap it up from under you! I started trying to find a condo and under two days later I had been unpacked and settled into an incredible apartment. Since the exchange rate works within the dollar’s favor, expats will find great, modern housing for affordable. Since I’ve effectively navigated the Hanoi housing market, I’m here that will help you perform the same! So, here’s how to locate housing in Hanoi:

Which kind of Housing Would You Like?

You will find three choices for housing to think about. The very first is a condo. It’s vital that you double-check what services you receive. For example, will the apartment have any kind of security? What utilities are incorporated within the rent and which aren’t? Every apartment is slightly different. The second reason is a serviced apartment. The rent features a cleaning lady who’ll come a particular length of time per week, in addition to a laundry service every week, along with a doorman. The final choice is to reside in a home. Houses generally don’t have an alarm system and utilities are frequently outside of rent. Each kind of housing has its own benefits and drawbacks which are vital that you look out for in the next home!

Which District within the City would you like to Reside In?

Hanoi is a huge city with lots of distinct districts to select from, each offering something that belongs to them. Many people prefer to stay in the power from the city , while some choose to escape from the town center for any quieter, better ones experience. If you wish to reside in or very close to the middle of everything, choose Hoan Kiem, Ba Dinh, Dong Da or Hai Ba Trung . If you wish to notice a quieter side of Hanoi, reside in Tay Ho. Obviously, areas of each district could be not even close to the town center so wherever you decide to live, seek information! You would not wish to sign annually-lengthy lease and hate the district you live in.

Another factor to think about when selecting where you can live is the location with regards to in which you work. Traffic in Hanoi could be crazy, particularly if you do not have a bike. For instance, buddies of mine reside in Tay Ho. Their commute back and forth from work has had between 40 minutes for an hour . 5 based on traffic.

Where to start Your Research?

Type “Hanoi Housing” into Google and a number of trustworthy sites can come up. I made use of Vietlong Housing to locate my apartment however, many listings are available on several site. It’s good to look around between sites sometimes if you use multiple agents, a real estate agent will cut a deal. I additionally discovered that basically ran searching on the site, there’d frequently ‘t be an inventory with my needs bed room, max cost, etc.. However, after i emailed agents, they responded with multiple options. Working directly by having an agent could be a huge help! Additionally, you will get faster response occasions from their store, instead of just contacting the overall info email of the website.

How you can Spend the money for Deposit as well as your Rent

Most residences require that you simply pay a first deposit equaling one month’s rent, plus three several weeks (quarterly) rent whenever you relocate and also to continue having to pay quarterly rent payments throughout your lease. Having to pay quarterly means you may need a bulk amount of cash before you transfer to a lasting residence, instead of a hotel/hostel. Make sure to be aware of this when you plan for expenses before your proceed to Vietnam!

Furthermore, many landlords require the deposit to save the apartment for you personally. Which means you have to pay the deposit your day you consider the residence. Should you wait to pay for the deposit for just two days, the apartment or house may be taken. To be able to spend the money for deposit your day you initially begin to see the apartment (if it is certainly the residence you would like!), make sure to ask the agent or landlord just how much you will have to pay, how you can pay, as well as in what currency before you go to the apartment so you’re. By doing this, you’ve got the exact sum of money on hands. Fortunately, my landlord accepts both Vietnamese Dong and American Dollars! Also, he wanted the deposit in cash. ∗∗ This might not necessarily function as the situation. I acquired lucky! My landlord guaranteed to order the apartment for all of us, and for that reason, permitted us to pay for the deposit a couple of days having seen the apartment. But it’s good to be ready! ∗∗ 

Value for your money

It’s amazing what lengths the dollar gets into Vietnam. Presently, the exchange rates are $1 = 22,456VND. Street meals are generally $1-$4 (when you get a glass or two). A sizable bottle water could be $.55 along with a Hanoi Beer is roughly $.50 – $.75 with respect to the size.

So, what lengths can your Dollar go regarding housing? My apartment’s rent is $1,200 for any 3 bed room, 2 bath apartment. My two roommates and that i possess the entire floor to ourselves and 24-hour security. We reside in a good section of town, fairly near to the city center, with lots of restaurants, smoothie places, cafes, and street food options. I’m on among the top floors of my building, meaning it’s quiet like a mouse available online for. Our apartment comes with an oven (this really is considered gold in Hanoi!), all modern appliances, and lots of space for storage. Plus, my shared bathroom includes a jacuzzi bathtub and sauna shower. So essentially, Personally i think like I’m living just like a queen…

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Photos really don’t do my apartment justice. Plus, see this great view!