A vertical home in ho chi minh city, vietnam

SaiGon House by a21studĩo (17)

SaiGon House by a21studĩo (18)

SaiGon House by a21studĩo:

“In Saigon, there’s a tale about Van Duong Phu, a work of art of architecture, built by Mr. Vuong Hong Sen, a culturist, an instructional, along with a famous collector of antiques. Furthermore, also, he includes a deep understanding of southern Vietnam and authored many books about Saigon. In the finish of his existence, he want to dedicate his house like a museum to avoid the antiques from stolen and introduce Saigon culture to visitors. However, after his dead, the home continues to be abandoned, and also the spirit is completely lost. We’ve recognized that although being respected and effective in the works, he unsuccessful in passing his passion to his family. Therefore, they don’t respect their childhood.

Who owns Saigon home is the one that loves Saigon and she or he hates residing in a Western loved houses, which gain popularity within our city. She would like a home is a conference spot for her siblings and siblings individuals who used to reside in exactly the same roof along with a meeting spot for grandma and grandpa as well as their kids.

Furthermore, inspired through the Van Duong Phu story, sherrrd like this house is the place where she will share her recollections concerning the furniture, the stuffs that they collected towards the kids to determine how you can cherish where they develop. Therefore, the children would be the primary factors that people aimed to, we wish to create a strong Saigon characteristic place to enable them to know about this area and also the adult, because the activator, through the tales, to assist raising the romance in kids.

Saigon can be used to know slope roofs, courtyards and flowering balconies. Furthermore, it’s also well-known with alleys that’s full with coloring blocks in wealthy materials. This is not merely the area for communication but additionally a playground for children. They are chaotic but deep in culture.

Saigon home is also made an appearance with coloring blocks floating in keeping area and all sorts of are handled by steel frame that later grown by plants. Especially, the spaces are sufficiently small to allow them to do their private activities, otherwise, they easily get attracted through the sounds, images from outdoors and obtain out, connect with others.

And also the common area is being employed as an alley, where family people are interacting and building relationships, where all they are able to feel the altering inside a days, altering in seasons. Individuals are extremely rare in the current society, that is insufficient love, communication and nature.

In addition, a home is taken formed through the furniture, stuffs collected through the architect and owner. Many of them come from destroyed houses in Saigon.

Besides the good thing about old things, we found the spirits from the second hands stuffs, individuals which their very own tales and good reasons to reborn within the places where they require them most. Which are now being transported towards the kids through the tales, activities in the home to understand house to cherish their property more.

The lost of Van Duong Phu isn’t the only lost of Saigon. It may became of anybody, anywhere and also at anytime, the lost of old good stuff that people attempted in order to save for the children. As designers, we wish to use our architecture, the home within this situation, that material and spirit value could be maintained by loves of those who reside in it.”

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