Victorian homes for purchase within the triangular

There are lots of neighborhoods throughout Raleigh, Durham and also the Triangular to find Victorian homes for purchase. In Raleigh the historic neighborhoods that contains these homes are: Glenwood-Brooklyn, Oakwood, and South Park, to mention a couple of. These homes were built throughout the late-19th and early-20th centuries, and lots of happen to be lovingly restored.

Towards the east of downtown Durham may be the Cleveland-Holloway neighborhood, where Victorian homes also have gone through extensive renovation. Likewise, individuals are buying within the Old North Durham neighborhood to become nearer to the hotspot of West Geer Street and Rigsbee Avenue. Motorco (music venue), Fullsteam (brewery and bar), Geer Street Garden (restaurant), and Cacao Cinnamon (cafe) are within this thriving area.

Kinds of Victorian Homes

Victorian homes are recognized for the detail of the exteriors, the towers or turrets that stretch over the roofline, textured shingles, and porches. There are many differing types, such as the Stick Victorian (popular from 1860-1890):

Victorian Stick Home

The Queen Anne (popular from 1880-1910):

Spindled Queen Anne

And also the Shingle style (popular from 1870 to 1910):

Shingle Style Victorian Home for Sale

Here is a complete listing of Victorian homes for purchase in Chapel Hill, Durham, Raleigh, and all of those other Triangular. Please visit our other style searches within the sidebar right, or Contact Us if you’re searching for something specific.


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Screaming Turkey: I've been following Circa on Facebook for about a year now, but I just learned about your Youtube channel. I love the way this is all integrated (And of course I also love old houses).

StrawberryCopper: The first one is a barn….converted.

Alex Klatt: Does the land come with them?

The Mad Hatter: brick houses look like trash

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Lola Brigette: expattaffy1 they aren't abandoned probly cheap TAXES ARE WAY HIGH

Lola Brigette: places in CT such A New London,Norwich etc\ntaxes are insane. I bought a 4bdfm2full both histiric mint 1855 home in the historic waterfront district.(bank statement being famous..) under 100k. and now seen better at 75k -130k best the by is NOT TIL FALL. (JACK UP SUMMER PRICES TOURISTS) SERIOUSLY IF U ARE LOOKING FOR HISTORIC OLD 1800 HOUSES ANN,VICTORIAN,ETC. CHECK CT.BE READY FOR HIGH TAXES ..MAKE A SELF CONTAINED AREA TO RENT OUT TO COVER TAX. OR DONT PAY ALL CASH.

Armani Nguon: What song is that in the beginning

Rebecca Riordan: There is a red schoolhouse in Montgomery Center, VT for sale. in great shape too