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Living costs in Vietnam certainly favors the social butterfly,as an evening out will certainly considerably less expensive than neighboring Thailand. But, whenever I produce a new cost breakdown for living abroad, I usually begin with a disclaimer: Your expenses will invariably vary according to your way of life and where you stand on the planet. And it is exactly the same in Vietnam.

While you might find some significant variations between apartments in Vientiane and Luang Prabang, or Phnom Penh and Siem Reap, never has living costs varied greater than in Vietnam!

The nation is vast and varied

meaning costs are vast and varied too. Vietnam isn’t Japan yet, but it’s coming to becoming probably the most developed nations in Southeast Asia. For the moment, it’s still a steal when compared with Western prices, but I’ve got a feeling it will not stay by doing this for lengthy. Just like any place where poverty is much more prevalent, extreme care is definitely advised.

Living costs in Vietnam varies between South and north.

A typical bustling street of Saigon. A young white woman walks ahead of an older white male. Vietnamese are wheeling and dealing everywhere around them on the street. This lack of personal space and crowd is something expats must get used to when living in Vietnam.

Generally, Northern Vietnam cost less than Southern Vietnam, however that sentiment only pertains to the main metropolitan areas. There’s also big variations between residing in heavily touristed areas, for example Hoi An’s old quarter, and fewer touristy areas only a couple of miles away.

If you wish to proceed to Vietnam to save cash, or just to savor a top quality of existence while spending under you’d home, you’ll don’t have any trouble finding what you’re searching for – you simply might have to really look. The next living costs in Vietnam provides you with a concept of what you will be spending:


My hotel stays from north to south went such as this: in Hanoi, about $12.50/night. In Da Nang (central coast), $14/night, as well as in Saigon, $15/night – all for that identical kind of room with similar amenities. All these rooms had an en suite bathroom, Wireless, a dual bed, and often an excellent view!

A street of Ho Chi Minh City, rows of motorbikes are parked outside modern-looking shops.

In Hanoi, $500/month can get you a swank one bed room apartment in the actual primo Hoan Kiem Lake district.

In Hoi An, remaining just 2km outdoors the town center could save you 100’s of dollars, with 2-bed room houses renting just for $450/month. Da Nang is even cheaper, having a fully furnished one-bed room within easy reach of My Khe Beach costing just $350/month.

Living costs in Vietnam varies.

Saigon is much more costly, as long as you need a condo with a lot of nice Western amenities like 24/7 security, covered parking, a swimming pool, laundry on-site, etc. A very nice two-bed room will most likely cost around $1200 month, that could feel cheap or costly based on where you’re from home.

Discover Vietnam 728x90

That being stated, I’m a strong believer within the power big metropolitan areas for locating budget accommodation – you’ll find anything should you look with enough contentration, and it is true in Saigon too. A 1-bed room for $450/month should not be tricky to find, and you may find something even cheaper should you look.

Drink and food

As I can’t promise you can look for a nice 5-bed room house for $200/month, I’m able to promise that you’ll always be capable of finding cheap, scrumptious drink and food while residing in Vietnam.

Noodle soup is everywhere, even though the components and flavors change from north to south, the cost remains around $2.50 or fewer. Should you haven’t had pho before, soup might not seem just like a real “meal,” but believe me – you will be beyond satisfied, as well as in a multitude of locations you are able to request a free refill.

Most street foods cost $1

or even a large sandwich is only going to set you back around $1.50. I really like my coffee–an costly latte in a top establishment can cost you $2.5, also it goes lower after that. An excellent meal in a certified TripAdvisor restaurant can cost you around $6.

Beef Pho, a succulent noodle-broth dish with beef. There are also some greens in there.

So far as other kinds of food, I believe probably the most I ever compensated for any meal in Vietnam was $8 – which was really for Indian food! You are able to certainly spend more money at nice restaurants in Ha Noi or Saigon, but it’s very easy to invest under $3/meal if you are on a tight budget.

Living costs in Vietnam earns big marks too with regards to booze

Alcohol is magnitudes cheaper than neighboring Thailand, particularly if you order “fresh beer” that is home-made and might or might not provide you with a hangover. Bia Saigon and Bia Ha Noi are available for approximately $.40.

A nearby double-whiskey around the rocks can cost you $1 at local-style bar. I’ve observed some local bars charging $1.50 now, so prices certainly are rising for hard liquor.


Like otherwise in Southeast Asia, mobile phone service  is super cheap in Vietnam. You can aquire a Sim for less than $5 (80,000 Duongs), along with a data plan for the similar amount. Local telephone calls and texts cost around $.01 each minute or per text.

Overall, I spent under $10 on mobile phone service – including data – for the whole month I had been residing in Vietnam. I suggest getting Mobiphone service–for $6 per month (120,000 Dgs) , you can aquire a 1.5 GB data plan. The merchant you buy your Sim from might not understand how to activate this, however, many others do, so look for a Sim seller who understands how to set you on the correct data plan.

The panoramic scenery of Nha Trang, a beautiful sea-side town to consider visiting when living in Vietnam. The buildings look modern, boxy, almost like toys. The colors look art deco.

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