Rental property for rental in ciputra – ciputra hà nội

Rental property for rental in ciputra - ciputra hà nội The Central Park Residence

Rental property STAGE 1 (LOT C-D-G), rental property stage 2 (T area) and central park (block q)

  1. Rental property stage 1 (lot c-d-g)

Individuals villas was completed and used  since 2007. This complex includes terrace, semi-detached rental property and arrived house.

There are plenty of size for purchasers can pick for example: 126 sq.m, 150 sq.m, 180 sq.m, 217 sq.m, 330 sq.m and 350 sq.m with full furnished and unfurnished ones. They’ve modern and  nice design with 4-6 bedrooms, 3 storeies only. Eco-friendly existence area, security 24/24h, perfect services (Rafa restaurant, pool, gym, Unit and Singapore worldwide schools, small supermarket, tennis court,…)

2. Villa stage 2 (T area)

Villas stage 2 was completed and used since 2009. Similar with villas stage 1, this complex includes terrace, semi-detached rental property and arrived house.   It has varying from 140 sq.m to 600 sq.m.

They’re designed  with yard, backyard, comprises three to five bedrooms, based on its size, with private and public space to see relatives people along with a separate garage to make sure a stylish composition of the home.

Rental property for rental in ciputra - ciputra hà nội Other facilities include Un

The outstanding landmark of villas stage 2 are open space and eco-friendly atmosphere, having a park and water surfaces that are perfect for families, having a playground for kids, a college, supermarket, health spa, laundry shop, tennis court, Hanoi academy school, ..

3. Central Park (Block Q)

The Central Park Residence offers a luxurious coping with nature set around lush greeneries and Park views.

Villas in block Q locates in the middle of Ciputra Hanoi. Central Park Residence contain a restricted units of homes categorized in five different design and land area. Central Park Residence introduces simplicity, elegance, and shut to nature. Big window and unblocked view of all the room whether it is family room or master bedroom enables the residents to completely have a quality and balance coping with nature.

Other facilities include Un Worldwide School, Singapore Worldwide School, Hanoi Academy School, Kinderworld School, future hospital, health club, pool, tennis court, park recreational area, playing ground, a recently completed ECO path for walking and riding, food center, eco-friendly belt plus much more. All you need for the lifestyle reaches you step.

At the moment Alpha Housing is loaded with lots of knowledge about rental property for rental in Ciputra. Almost Rental property in Ciputra continues to be carried out with top quality furniture throughout. Beside we’ve got some other villas that have been outfitted essentially furnished. For more information don’t hesitate call us today!!!

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Apartments for rent in Ciputra Ha Noi,with perfect service


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