Rules on land prices in ho chi minh city this year – property and construction – vietnam

Rules on land prices in ho chi minh city this year - property and construction - vietnam or Mayer

Initially printed 26 The month of january 2010

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The People’s Committee of Ho Chi Minh City ("HCM

City") promulgated a choice No. 102/2009/QD-UBND dated 24

December 2009 on land prices relevant within the locality of HCM City

("Decision 102").

Full Update

Decision 102 reaffirms using land prices and offers the

listing of prices of residential lands situated in every street in HCM

City and techniques to calculate prices from the other kinds of lands.

Decision 102 formally becomes effective from 1 The month of january 2010 and

replaces Decision 89/2008/QD-UBND dated 20 December 2008.

Using Land Prices

The land prices function as the foundation for calculation from the

following charges/amounts:

  • Taxes for land use and land use right transfer
  • Land use charges and land rent for allocation or leasing of


  • Worth of land use legal rights
  • Registration charges for assignment of land use legal rights
  • Compensation once the Condition recovers land to be used for

    objectives of national defence and security, national interest or

    public interest and economic development

  • Compensation and penalty payable by persons in breach from the

    laws and regulations on land

The Cost Framework for Kinds of Lands

Decision 102 offers the cost framework of three kinds of

lands: farming land, non-farming land and unused


  1. Farming Land

Farming land is split into five groups: land for

planting annual crops, land for perennial crops, land for

aquaculture, land for salt production and forest land for

production. Decision 102 constructs five cost tables corresponding

towards the five groups of lands. Within the cost table, the cost of the

land generally varies according to its zone and/or its location.

  1. Non-farming Land

Non-farming land is split into residential land, land for

production or business along with other lands.

Rules on land prices in ho chi minh city this year - property and construction - vietnam cost tables corresponding


Residential land includes lands adjoining to roads

(frontage) and land not adjoining to roads (inside a lane). Decision

102 includes a summary of cost of residential lands adjoining to

every street in HCM City. Further, their email list supplies a grounds for

calculating prices of residential land inside a lane according to

identified criteria.

The cost of land for production or business is equivalent to 60

percent from the cost of residential land so it adjoins.

Lastly, the costs of other lands are made the decision in line with the

prices of the adjoining lands.

  1. Unused Land

For unused land which the utilization purpose is not made the decision,

its cost is calculated in line with the prices of their adjoining


For unused land which the utilization purpose continues to be made the decision, its

cost is calculated in line with the cost from the land using the similar

use purpose.

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