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You’ll be able to find other kinds of jobs in HCMC, but you’ve got to be relatively motivated and consider using a functional understanding of Vietnamese.

Since HCMC may be the economic hub of the nation, lots of people find operate in worldwide banks or marketing firms.

I’ve buddies, a lot of whom were initially British teachers, who now operate in banks, television production companies, lawyers as well as Master of business administration graduate programs and internships.

Should you’ve already had a bankroll, there are lots of volunteer possibilities that may be very useful, for example helping in orphanages, dealing with Habitat for Humanity, or teaching British and business skills to under-offered groups (take a look at Sozo Café on Bui Vien Street).

Note that the majority worldwide NGOs are resides in the publish-war northern capital, Ha Noi, and thus these kinds of tasks are less obtainable in the south.

Locating a home, making buddies, and developing a existence:

Saigon property has become more and more pricey previously year, however the city can nonetheless be considered a significant bargain in comparison with comparable metropolitan areas in the usa.

District One and District Three are often more costly, but there’s lots of expat turnover so rooms in houses and apartments are frequently available (sometimes with awesome roommates!).

Outdoors of downtown but nonetheless convenient are District Ten, Binh Thanh District and Phu Nhuan.

These districts are considerably less costly than popular ex pat spots, using the added charm to be local neighborhoods which are still only a quick motorbike ride to downtown.

Apartments, classifieds, expat advice and forums are available online via Facebook or online Residing In Vietnam.

While teaching is a terrific way to make buddies with locals and people from other countries, networking and achieving involved with extracurricular activities for example yoga or basketball is simply by locating the motivation to test something totally new.

There’s also an energetic number of Couchsurfers in Saigon.

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Still not convinced?

The Wall Street Journal interviewed recent college grads to focus on the way the current economic slump is stopping youthful individuals from attaining gainful employment (or any employment whatsoever).

Based on the resulting article, while likely to grad school may be the smartest choice for recent college grads battling to obtain a job, an alternative choice to think about throughout the recession would be to travel and work abroad.

Living and dealing in Ho Chi Minh City a year ago has permitted me to pay for rent, travel, and live easily inside my own means&hellip and isn’t that simply music to each recent college grad’s ears?


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Lộc Trương: I've subscribed your channel for years and waited for a promotion video about my city. Ok, finally it became true. Thank you for your efforts to capture the best of HCMC but I think 7 minutes is not enough for the most populous city of Vietnam. There is still so much to explore. Visit Vietnam and enjoy it your way.

konan keisetsu: I really hopu you will do, such as Ho Noi!

Violet Le: konan keisetsu [

konan keisetsu: I went to Ho Chi Minh City recently.\nAfter going there, I watched this video again. I found a lot of precious images and remembered good memory of Ho Chi Minh City and good Vietnamese Poeple. I want to go back to Vietnam again.

Bang Doan: thanks you. you love my contry

Tania Rafael: konan keisetsu me too

Fyfhfr 1088: I spent 3 days there free and easy. The traffic is chaotic but I got used to it within one day. The street food is okay as my companions and I did not get any stomach upset as we tried pho ga, pho bo and banh mi.  The coffee is too strong, too bitter and too sweet for us. When I asked the stallholder to add "hot water", she didn't understand and added more black coffee to my glass. The pho le (beef rice noodles) is the best.  Fresh fruit are very cheap. We went to the tallest building and had coffee and snacks on the 50th floor. The night view is very beautiful. Most important of all, the toilets at the coffee shops and small eateries are really very clean.  Taxis go by the metre and is very cheap but you have to be careful not to hop on an illegal one whose metre runs very rapidly. The only problem is most taxi-drivers do not understand English and there is no English signs directing us to tourist spots.

Ah Nguyen: +Fyfhfr 1088 Thank for your visiting our country ;)) Hope you come back one more time! You can chose Da Nang city – Vietnam's most liveable city , Phong Nha – Ke Bang Caves – with Sơn Doong cave is the largest cave in the world, Ha Long bay – one of the new 7 wonder of nature in the world and more… See you again ;))

Dinlish vn: Thanks guy. Hope you have a great experience on your next vacation and looking for you come back Vietnam. You're welcome here.

Đặng Mỹ Linh: Welcome to Vietnam. i live in viet nam!