Ho chi minh city property marketing report – first 1 / 2 of 2014: developments opened up for purchase in first 1 / 2 of 2014 (part 2/7) – jodric ace team

DEVELOPMENTS OPENED Easily Obtainable In FIRST 1 / 2 Of 2014 Condo developments sit nearby CBDs (District 2, District 7, Tan Binh), while other forms separately locate a long way away. 05 05 28 Villas and townhouses Condominiums Land plot projectsDevelopments opened up for purchase in first the 1 / 2 of 2014

Villas and townhouses can be found quite a long way away from CBDs (central business districts).

Most condominiums have reached District 2, District 7, District 12 and Tan Binh.

Land plot projects are very a long way away from CBDs.

Q.12 Q.8 Q.6 Q.5 Q.11 Q.10 Q.3 Q.1 Q.4 Q.7 Q.2 Q.9 􀀷􀁋􀌐􀀃􀃒􀌒􀁆 􀀥􀂮􀁑􀁋􀀃 􀀷􀁋􀋊􀁑􀁋 􀀪􀂴􀀃􀀹􀋎􀁓 􀀷􀂤􀁑􀀃 􀀷􀂤􀁑􀀃 Bình Phú 􀀥􀂮􀁑􀁋􀀃 TânReal estate density

Jodric 2014

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Bui Vien Beer Street! Pt 2!!🍻The #1 Vietnamese Street Food + Nightlife Bars & Clubs Saigon Vietnam


Jackie Boun: Look fun !

Jacknzh: 8:13 lmao

Gary Mullins: Dude why are you pretending to be in Vietnam when you're currently in Bangkok? lol Yea that's right, I see your pale ass roaming around Nana

Gary Mullins: I'll be at Havana Social then Above Eleven tonight. You probably cant afford to buy drinks at these places. I'm heading back to Chiang Mai next week.

Livin That Life: +John Jacobs cool add a profile pic to I can find ya

Gavin Skitt: Hey @livinthatlife. I live in Saigon and have been watching your FBA vids. Would you be available to meet up and have a chat if possible? Thanks

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Bolo L: Nice to see you go back to Vietnam

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