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I’ve been residing in Vietnam for 4 years and has progressed to five different apartments since that time. With this particular frequency of moving, I’ve learned a couple of things that I happily tell my buddies with you, if you’re searching for any home in Ho Chi Minh City at this time.

1. Know your financial allowance. For me personally, this is an essential step. Right now, a good fully furnished  1-2 bed room apartment is rented out between 400-600USD (well suited for singles or couples without kids) for families, a 3-bedrrom unit varies from 700-1,000USD in Phu My Hung along with a hundred or more greater wherever near district 1. Be aware that on the top from the monthly rent, you have to spend a minimum of 150USD more for that utilities (electricity, water & gas, as well as the Admin Fee).  I also know some expats preferring top-of-the-line accommodations including 1500 to 2500USD.


2. Know your choices. There are lots of options and usually, more expats in Saigon like the apartments over houses . While it’s possible to obtain a three- story house using the prices I’ve pointed out, my own preference may be the apartment.That’s most likely since i have kids and security is my main concern. There’s also rooms for rental fully furnished ones could be between 250-350USD per month. Not to mention there are lots of hotels (a.k.a. guest houses) in Saigon where one can pay 300/month including cleaning & laundry. As well as the short stay serviced apartments downtown, which are only a stone’s discard from just about everything!

3. Know your priorities. As being a family man, security is my number 1 concern. I make certain the area includes a Closed-circuit television along with a staff monitoring the Interior and exterior individuals the apartment. My old apartment even were built with a very tight home security system: magnetic card is offered to tenants & visitors are interrogated through the uniformed men before permitted entry. It’s not necessary this luxury when renting a home though. You do not wanna know of the horrible tales of my expat buddies and locals about burglary however this doesn’t always happen. Rooms for rental, generally, are secure because the landlord always monitors the home but a number of them do that an excessive amount of.

4. Know town. Could it be near an expat-friendly hospital or clinic? Is  there a store or grocery nearby? Could it be easy to obtain a cab or xeom there? They are among my first questions. Knowing other people (expat or locals) also is important for me personally. I’ve no preference regarding the race of my neighbors however i don’t like hearing the off-tune karaoke and yelling past night time. If you are single, the questions you have may be: could it be near pubs or cafes? Can One jog in a park nearby? What is the yoga/karate/football gym nearby? You could have all of them if you reside in Phu My Hung or perhaps an Phu.

5. Understand what facilities and amenities you will find. Most apartments in Phu My Hung possess a pool, an outdoor, along with a car park. Some have extras: a fitness center, the purpose hall, and/or perhaps a lobby. This is especially true in lots of apartments in districts 2, 4, 5 & 10 but rarely in district 1 because of only a little space. nine out of ten houses don’t have a car park for the motorbike though. That’s the reason most expats renting a home make their first floor a family room/ garage. Observe that in Vietnam, a completely-furnished accommodation means beds & mattresses, wardrobes & cabinets in addition to book shelves, dining and family room sets, curtains, washer, fridge, stove, micro wave, telephone, ADSL and cable television are supplied.

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6. Be aware of contract details perfectly. Most landlords require two months’ deposit and 30 days advanced rent. I’d were able to seal  deals with only 30 days deposit & 30 days rent but it’s getting rarer nowadays as more expats have grown to be too nomadic nowadays. All contracts should be in Vietnamese and British but make certain to possess a Vietnamese friend consider the contract prior to signing it. Last although not minimal, anything should secure you against the sudden change of mind through the landlord. You do not wanna pay more as the contract is within effect nor do you love to re-locate just because a more potent tenant likes your home.

I really hope all six of these tips will help you by any means. For those who have any queries or seek a guidance about renting a location, I’d be more than pleased to help you by any means I’m able to.  You can begin by departing a remark below.

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