Vietnam: from steel to property and capital markets……

Vietnam: from steel to property and capital markets…… market in Vietnam

“If initially you do not succeed, try, try again”-Thomas H. Palmer.

Bet all of you didn’t know who that quote originated in.  Well, I did not either, however it found mind when first listening to the Worldwide Residency Program to Vietnam.  Initially, my fellow classmates and that i, which are headed to Vietnam in May, understood only about a steel company searching to initiate some pot venture in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Little did we all know that plans had altered and factors when controling emerging financial markets are just a little uncertain (when i state just a little, I am talking about A Great Deal).

Then there’s property. Within our first ending up in Professsor Nam Pham, we discovered our new project, including researching real estate market in Vietnam and surrounding areas, but additionally searching at its capital markets.  We’re dealing with Morgan Stanley in real estate division, in addition to SSI Securities.  While we faced an enormous setback and details being a bit jumbled, a couple of conference calls to Vietnam and New You are able to later and the 24 people have hit the floor running. 

To obtain an concept of who I am……

I’m Kendra Singh and i’m an initial year Master of business administration at GW.  I’ve got a background in sales inside the medical industry.  I made the decision to return to school to pay attention to Marketing and Worldwide Business, with about getting into the medical industry.  I’m initially from Columbus, Ohio (which a number of my fellow students prefer to poke fun at).  In either case, this project really excites me since i think Asia is a superb place to discover business.  I additionally like the thought of visiting Thailand, Vietnam, and Hong Kong.  Although I don’t know much about capital markets and property abroad, I found school for that chance to become challenged and to learn.  By at this time, I’m your group searching in the overall chance, supply, and need for Vietnam’s Property, particularly work market. 

During the period of this project, I’m wishing we can acquire the professor to guest blog, until then I’ll share some good quotes from him.  One being, “I oops a lot” and yet another “I scream because I’m short.” The context isn’t needed, it’s just plain funny.  I possess a feeling you will see a lot more on the way, but already I believe most of us can tell , about this assignment, we are learning and laughing a great deal.  A lot of latter, I really hope.

Goals from the Vietnam group: Learn, Laugh, Eat, Pray, Visas, and Vietnamese.

My fellow bloggers for Rio, Istanbul, Norway, Ghana, and Serbia….searching toward hearing yours!