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In 2003 after finishing a $210,000 fundraiser effort NEMBA could purchase 47 acres of land in Milford, Massachusetts. We bought this land to avoid its development and also to safeguard and maintain a wonderful network of trails which were known in your area as “Vietnam”. Our land forms a fundamental element of a significantly bigger section of conservation land within the towns of Milford, Holliston and Hopkinton.

NEMBA’s acquisition of this land marked an initial for mtb associations within our nation, and on the planet.

Our Vietnam rentals are right in the center of roughly 1000 acres of protected open space. Vietnam and also the surrounding lands are, obviously, replete with lots of miles of trails which are available to non-motorized trail users. Emtbs, or electric bikes are thus prohibited around the protected open space surrounding NEMBA’s Vietnam property as well as in Vietnam itself. NEMBA continues to be very active, since purchasing the land, in increasing the existing trail network within the entire area, plus building and enhancing trails by ourselves property.

Lately Ajax Gaming Ventures, a Delaware Limited Liability Corporation of Jesse Trump offered NEMBA a $35,000, twelve months purchase option, with different purchase cost of $1,650,000 to purchase Vietnam. Regardless of the astounding cost, NEMBA summarily rejected the acquisition offer. Bikers bought this land to preserve it, to not make money from it. Still, it’s amazing to consider precisely how lucky we may be there in the proper time to create that purchase.

It had been a significant gamble. In 2002 NEMBA purchased a choice to purchase the land in the Liner Trust for $15,000. We was clueless that when we could raise all of those other money, but we couldn’t allow the chance slip by. In some way, through donations small and big, donations that in some instances arrived from round the country, we beat the choice deadline and could buy the land.

As we required possession NEMBA created the Vietnam Land Management Steering Committee to supervise and manage the home. Owning conservation land, even when you’re a non-profit organization, isn’t an easy factor to complete. Additionally towards the apparent issue of trail maintenance and maintenance you will find liability issues to think about. Which means insurance charges each year. If you are not already part of NEMBA you need to join to, amongst other things, allow us to within our efforts to preserve and safeguard this land.

NEMBA’s Vietnam Open Space

The Riding:

The traveling in Vietnam is known because of its technical nature. There are several mellow trails both on NEMBA’s property as well as in the nearby conservation land but many people ride at Vietnam to become challenged both technially and physically. You will see lots of “successInch bikes on the paths. There are methods around the majority of the technical features, but you’ll end up having to pay focus on the paths greater than you will find yourself searching at scenery.


Many people park within the large parking area behind Wendy’s Restaurant ten or twenty yards away. Should you park there make sure to frequent Wendy’s in an effort to say “ThanksInch. There’s also some small conservation paarking lots. Look into the map.

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