Proposal to ban vietnamese communist flag on san jose property draws opposition

Proposal to ban vietnamese communist flag on san jose property draws opposition County authored

SAN JOSE — Two factions from the South Bay’s Vietnamese community are preparing for any political fight Tuesday because the City Council views banning the display from the Vietnamese communist flag on city-owned flagpoles.

Councilman Tam Nguyen, who brought the charge to oppose flying the flag citywide, stated the Socialist Republic of Vietnam flag — a warning sign having a gold star — represents the communist government that generations of San Jose’s Vietnamese residents fled. A council committee earlier this year watered lower Nguyen’s original proposal to incorporate city property only, citing concerns about freedom of expression legal rights.

“We affiliate that flag with atrocity, oppression and brutality,” Nguyen stated Monday. “We ran from communism therefore we don’t need to see it. We’d prefer not to be advised of all of the sadness.”

Nguyen’s plan includes reaffirming its recognition from the “Vietnamese Heritage and Freedom Flag” — a yellow flag with three red horizontal stripes — because the official flag of San Jose’s Vietnamese-American community. San Jose hosts the biggest Vietnamese population associated with a city outdoors of Vietnam. The ban, if approved Tuesday, will be the first available within the San Francisco Bay Area.

However a more youthful generation of Vietnamese residents, brought by Oakland tax auditor Chris Le, say banning the Socialist Republic of Vietnam flag violates the legal rights of recent immigrants from Vietnam who believe the flag represents their nation.

“This resolution contradicts American ideas,” Le stated. “Younger Vietnamese residents may have difficulties with their government however they don’t hate their national flag. When we attack their national flag, we will alienate they and them won’t feel welcome within the town of San Jose.”

Proposal to ban vietnamese communist flag on san jose property draws opposition communism therefore we

Some also asked if the city should involve itself in foreign matters, but Nguyen stated San Jose has had a situation on the slew of other conditions outdoors its purview.

Le, who confirmed Monday that he’ll challenge Nguyen’s re-election in 2018, stated recent immigrants who recognize the flag also pay taxes and therefore are titled to fly their flag on openly owned property. He added that two local political parties oppose the ban — the Democratic Socialist Party and also the Libertarian Party.

The Libertarian Party of Santa Clara County authored inside a Facebook publish that government shouldn’t take sides with regards to the display of symbols on public property.

Proposal to ban vietnamese communist flag on san jose property draws opposition conditions outdoors its

San Jose council unanimously approves banning communist Vietnamese flag


Vietnam Nguyen: What a great victory!

Vietnam Nguyen: you should be a brain washed commie boy, shamed on your parent and dirty hồ…

Sam Arnold: "brain washed commie boy"\n\nWell, as a proud American I respect every country's symbol and culture for whatever it is, it's sad to see that just because someone else doesn't like or criticize the yellow flag gets labeled as a "communist" and that I think is really pathetic, just like you for an example.

Phong Dinh: San Jose Vietnamese American residents gave communist regime of Vietnam a big BITCH slap in the face! I urge every Vietnamese community world wide movement for our Yellow Freedom Heritage Flag!

Sam Arnold: I already learned my history and the history of my country isn't as the same as South Vietnam is and were.

Ekin Tran: Remember the constitutions and arrange marriages = children trafficking?!!!!?????

Niên trưởng Cờ vàng: Trò trẻ con ngớ ngẩn!

Sam Arnold: And shouldn't the yellow flag be banned as well? necessarily because it doesn't represent anything or nothing internationally, it's not even at the UN or at the Vietnamese embassies or even in the atlas of world nations. Because "Freedom" and "Heritage" doesn't always have to be an excuse to illegally fly a flag that shouldn't even be flying.

Ekin Tran: Flags r usually for fags… not the 13 constitution.

Nguyen Long: ok, so in America Ku Klux Klan flag and Nazi flag are fine but the flag that is recognized by the UN and countries around the world is not, what freedom.