Claims filed this month against vietnam invalid : property: u.s. states the fir,300 applicants needed to be americans at that time they lost assets within the war coupled with to request compensation by 1983. – latimes

Claims filed this month against vietnam invalid : property: u.s. states the fir,300 applicants needed to be americans at that time they lost assets within the war coupled with to request compensation by 1983. - latimes greater than

"I have learned that there’s certainly a strong possibility that my client can get compensated," stated Paul Sowa, a Tustin attorney representing the estate of Robert J. Burns.

Burns would be a Westminster businessman who owned Index Corp., which provided food and housing in Vietnam for people of the worldwide committee.

The Vietnamese government owes Burns’ heirs about $70,330, without interest, Sowa stated. The lawyer stated he cannot predict once the compensation might arrive.

Nga Nguyen, 55, of Orange, who filed documents a week ago in the Vietnamese Community of Southern California’s Westminster office, stated she was surprised to understand that she’s not qualified to reclaim the 2 homes she lost in Saigon and Ban Me Thuot, an urban area within the central highlands. The qualities were confiscated through the communist government in 1979, when Nguyen fled towards the U . s . States.


"I do not think what the law states is appropriate,Inch Nguyen stated. "To begin with, I have never heard about the presence of what the law states so far and thus did not know in 1983 which i was supposed to launch losing.

"Secondly, how could I’ve been a united states citizen at that time I lost my house?Inch

"I suppose what the law states does not worry about losing Vietnamese Americans," Nguyen added. "I really hope the Vietnamese community could in some way convince the U.S. government to assist us retrieve a few of the property which was intentionally removed from us."

When told the Vietnamese Community of Los Angeles was conscious of what the law states, even when she wasn’t, Nguyen stated: "Well, a minimum of they attempted. That’s greater than I’m able to say concerning the law."

Congress passed legislation in 1980 authorizing the Foreign Claims Settlement Commission, a quasi-independent agency housed within the U.S. Justice Department, to simply accept appeals for lost property in Vietnam, stated Bradley, counsel for that commission.

What the law states set Feb, 1983, because the deadline for those applications. The commission finished compiling the claims list in 1986.

The very first discussions from the assets were locked in Hanoi on February. 28 and March 1, just days after President Clinton lifted the U.S. trade embargo against Vietnam. The talks are scheduled to carry on the following month.

Claimants will also be seeking 6% annual interest, dating back 1975, once the Republic of Vietnam fell towards the North Vietnamese.




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Dance Chance Sickly Green: The Vietnamese deserved their independency as much as the Americans did when they fought the Brits, maybe even more.

Tommy Aventador: ALL you retards that think you know more be if your from the North, South or America. This is history, it's the pass, don't say what they done or should've done, but what you can do NOW to to make your country better. Why argue about the pass? There's always a better way to solve things beside war!\n\nNo one really knows the truth. Both sides always have their view on the matter. No one is fully right! Its both side propaganda.

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AAAmazing RRBLX: I don't really know why some people in the comments are saying that America should've won. Vietnamese people are smart enough to protect their country. If you are gonna go in their property expect to lose or win. If I was born that day I would go support Vietnam instead of America. Vietnam is kind of poor on things. In America we have freedom and everything we can imagine. So, it is what life is. Grow up.