About us — evans property investments

About us — evans property investments in New You are

New You are able to

Evans Property, an worldwide investment boutique, supplies a full-range of investment, brokerage and moving services towards the US and worldwide customers. Make certain in commercial and residential property assisting with purchase, purchase, lease, moving and property management in New You are able to City.

Our special focus is worldwide property investments in New You are able to. Through the years of effective operation within the worldwide market we acquired a comprehensive experience with assisting worldwide property investors, raising the amount and excellence of our service above your greatest expectations. We offer full-range of property services for the clients making their purchase of property as hassle-free as you possibly can.

Our agents speak various other languages including native Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian, German and Russian. We furnish our clients with the necessary property investments tools, full market information and guidance in discovering the best looking real condition investment possibilities and structuring complete investment projects. Furthermore, Evans provides a variety of property management services, that will take proper care of all of their investor’s needs.

Evans Property is part of real estate Board of recent You are able to (REBNY), a top association of property professionals, which sets high ethical standards because of its people. We’re people of Manhattan Association of REALTORS (MANAR) local chapter from the Nar, the biggest and many influential property trade organization within the U . s . States with more than a million people nationwide.

Our business has existed for a long time. However, we is youthful and ambitious. We are proud of what we should do, continuously grow, innovate and reinvent ourselves. We’re searching toward aiding you in your property needs in New You are able to.

Resourse: http://evansnyc.com/company/

Investing in Canada Real Estate vs the United States


Anita E.A. Fofie MD: Love it Phil. I'm in Vancouver, British Columbia and just got started as an apprentice in your program. This video has alleviated a lot of my concerns. Skip transfer—brilliant….Thank you thank you thank you!!!

Owen Gagne: Corporate tax plus dividen tax in Canada is roughly equal to personal income tax.  So in fact there is no double taxation.  We just have high taxes up here…Look up dividen tax credit and gross-up if you'd like to know more.

David Funk: Hi Phil\nin the us you have a thing called a 1031 do you have any idea if we have the same in canada, where your selling a property but taking that money and buying another one right away perhaps in the same deal? thanks BTW interesting video im a canadian and i didnt know what you expressed in the video lol

UltimateBargains: Great video.\n\nNow I need to get my head around those weird Canadian mortgages with their semi-annual interest rates. sigh…

Stephan Richard: Semi-annual interest rates?  Just lock it in for 5 years if it helps you sleep at night or go on variable.


KT1 KT1: Thanks for fast reply subscribe/ n bought ur books on amazon

1986kx80: Hey Phil, has the skip transfer been made illegal in Canada? Whenever I mention it people seem to look down upon it or act as it's illegal.

M How: man… you are a real Guru. How do you keep up with all these rules and regulations?

Phil Pustejovsky: Answering hundreds of real estate questions per day from hundreds of thousands of people worldwide…that's how :)