Nail artist available space for rental – needu

Nail artist available space for rental - needu NSW most
                   COSTA & CO are opening mid This summer

We’re searching to produce a super gifted group of hairdressers and barbers to accomplish our beautiful Completely New hamptons style hair store.

Yep brand new EVERYTHING!

Your hair store is located in Runaway Bay Shopping Center and it has a semi detached Barber Store and as well as any colourist dream colour bay!

We’re an excellent passionate group of born and bred hairdressers. Via Sydney we’ve had multiple salons during the last 31 years.

With decades of industry experience we’re excited to provide we an abundance of industry understanding and training. 

We’re searching for Apprentice Hairdressers, Senior Hairdressers and Barbers to accomplish we.


If you’re a 1st or 2nd year apprentice and hairdressing is the dream job then you want to know what you think!

During our time we’ve been the place to find a number of NSW most effective apprentices and we’re excited to locate a number of QLDs most passionate approaching hairstylists.


We’ve Casual and Full-time positions readily available for a gifted all rounder!

Working will a brand new team inside a completely new salon offers a lot of endless possibilities to thrive inside your career. 


Our Hair Store includes a specific semi detached mens living room to produce the best Barbering experience for the clients. We’re searching for an informal and/or Full-time Barber to participate us to keep the skill of classic Barbering alive. 

We’re happy to offer an entire Barber service seperate to the womens services and excited to some super gifted barber join we.

We expect to talking with you!

Wish to be area of the team?

Please email your resume to *****   + click to show  

or to learn more contact Ashley on *****38 + click to show


Doing My Own Acrylic Nails


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