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timeshareAdvisor’s Go and Tell Points is definitely an incentive-based program that rewards people for discussing their timeshare encounters via resort reviews and photos. Included in the program, people will get reward points for participation and be eligible for a prize sketches.

Consumers gain reward points in many ways including: joining registered as a member writing overview of a timeshare resort carrying out a timeshare resort they own, have visited, or desire to visit recommending other reviews recommending photos posted by other people.

Go and Tell Points is dependant on degree of participation. The greater an associate participates, the greater chance they need to earn points. Levels include: Gemstone, Ruby, Azure and Emerald. As people achieve specific point thresholds they progress one stage further and produce more points per activity compared to ‘abnormal’ amounts of membership. Point levels thresholds include: Emerald (under 100,000 points) Azure (100,000-249,999) Ruby (250,000-499,999) and Gemstone (over 500,000 points).

Here is the table of the items points values are assigned for every activity on timeshareAdvisor.

timeshareAdvisor points system

Go and Tell Points – Faq’s

So what can I personally use my points for?

timeshareAdvisor holds regular sketches for prizes for example: iPads, free resort stays, etc. The greater points you will find the more records you’ve in to these random sketches.

Do my points ever expire?

Go and Tell Points never expire they merely accumulate.

Are my points transferable?

No. Go and Tell Points earned by our people aren’t transferable.

Are my points ever redeemed or deducted?

No. Go and Tell Points are accrued within the duration of your membership.

Do my Go and Tell Points have anything related to “points” systems of timeshare exchange the likes of RCI and Interval Worldwide?

No. Go and Tell Points are only at timeshareAdvisor.

Will I receive more points according to whether I submit a negative or positive resort review?

No. There’s no improvement in the amount of points rewarded with different negative or positive review.

How frequently can one win prizes in the Go and Tell sketches?

People are qualified to win should they have not won a prize previously 3 months.


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