Buy property with bitcoin – sell your home for bitcoin

  • Offer Review Date is Friday, June 30th! San antonio Perfect Location and Space Needle Views in #1 US Housing Market

    San antonio Perfect Location and Space Needle Views in&hellip Learn More

    $650,000 USD

  • Vancouver esteemed Hampton Gate neighbourhood

    House for sale 1075 BTC currency Hampton Gate Community,&hellip Learn More

    $1,075 BTC

  • Miami Ultra Modern waterfont rental property

    Awaken within the Ultra Modern Miami Waterfront&hellip Learn More


  • Great home for purchase in New Orleans.

    Fabulous renovation within the “New Marigny”. Very open&hellip Learn More

    $399 ,000.00

  • Spectacular Penthouse top 2 floors

    Panama Penthouse with Unparalleled Sea and Views Over The City Off-shore&hellip Learn More


  • Baja Home of the season. Oceanfront, Solar Pool, Low Taxes

    Baja Home of the season. Oceanfront, Solar Pool,&hellip Learn More

    $750,000 USD or 425 BTC

  • 4.12 Acres in La (Sierra Madre, CA)

    Priced to market!  Million dollar property trade for&hellip Learn More

    $300 BTC, 2k ETH, 33k LTC

  • Venezuela / near from Orinoco River/ Angostura Bridge

    Property for purchase in Venezuela, 3 bedrooms 2&hellip Learn More

    $15 btc

  • Thailand / Koh Samui / Luxury Rental property

    This Truly magnificent property is situated in the&hellip Learn More

    $1,132,000 $

  • Thailand / Koh Samui / Luxury Rental property Ocean View

    Stunning Mansion Rental property in Koh samui were nature’s&hellip Learn More

    $1,528,000 $

  • Large Rental property with Pool in Thailand

    Large Rental property with Pool in Thailand Unique,&hellip Learn More

    $850,000 Euros or BTC

  • Sao Paulo Brazil lush nature is part of the landscape on

    Sao Paulo South america lush nature belongs to the landscape

    Sao Paulo South america lush nature belongs to&hellip Learn More



Bitcoin & Litecoin Price; Buying & Selling


Switchblade13: Nice video. With respect to price, if we consider nothing else than total coins available in total, litecoin is severely undervalued or bitcoin is severely overvalued (today). Do you consider other factors other than that math of LTC 25% of BTC? As an investor/speculator I still have time understanding what real use the coins have other than a store of value. Like a digital gold.

Bitcoin & Litecoin: Switchblade13 Side chains are being developed to do many of the things that Bitcoin and Litecoin cannot do themselves. For example, RSK Labs is a side chain that enables Ethereum style smart contracts. The main difference being the RSK does not compete for market share in the crypto space. RSK strengthens Bitcoin and Litecoin, unlike Ethereum, Dash and others which are in direct competition with it.\n\nMoney needs to be simple. I'm sticking with the Gold & Silver and will look for a non competitive side chain if I need my money to do fancy tricks.

Jason R: Switchblade13 \nI think now that segwit is activated and LN gets activated it will be able to do far more transactions per second than visa. So it's possible that major companies might start using LTC first.

Andy Anderson: your too smsrt for me. i don't think i want to have a cook off with you.

Andy Anderson: Bitcoin & Litecoin let me know when. wouldn't miss it.

Bitcoin & Litecoin: Open House ends Sunday at 4. Lighting the grill then. 2210 45th Street

Nikaj: great sunset!

jpatche: Great video, it should have 7 billion views.

Rick Breezy: So, LTC is no longer a good buy?

Noah Jackson: Rick Breezy He is saying it's still a good buy, but the premise behind what these currencies are being used for has now shifted