Thang lengthy number 1, thang lengthy number 1 apartments for purchase and rent

Thang Lengthy Number 1, which is situated in No.1 Thang Lengthy Avenue, is within ‘Viglacera Mixture of official, residential and commercial Project’. The entire section of this project is all about 40,000 sqm with 2 commercial office structures and three high-ranking apartment structures. This is a highlight of overall architecture planning in Hanoi Capital.

Overview of Thang Long Number One project

Summary of Thang Lengthy Number 1 project


The initial options that come with No.1 Thang Lengthy apartment may be the emphasis to place nature in to the house. Design ideas “eco-friendly building” is good to direct the architectural creativeness of works.

The Thang Lengthy Number 1 apartments include Creating A and Building B, 40-floor high building with nearly 200,000sqm floor, a complete investment in excess of Two Hundred Dollars million. From level 1 to level 3 is really a commercial service, general utility zone, from level 4 to level 40 includes over 1,000 apartments with area from 87sqm to 175sqm composed of two-4 bedrooms and 23 penthouses with area from 186sqm to 350sqm. Particularly, 3 basements of structures accommodate 1200 cars give each apartment maximum 1 private parking place.

Eco-friendly trees happen to be grown and rational distributed round the building getting a awesome space to residents here. Besides, public space architecture is striking difference from the project. In every floor, the hall offers an area and will get direct light and wind via a garden space like a spot to rest, relax, exchange, sightseeing outdoors the apartment to create maximum comfort before coming back towards the apartment.

Another Eco-friendly factor would be that the structures are made and utilized by eco-friendly, economical materials for example installing of Low-E glass. Low-E glass is a kind of glass coated to the the surface of a unique glass compounds which will make glass slow heat radiation, lessen the emission, absorbing heat, slow lower radiator process, while making certain brightness of room. That can help room warm in the winter months and awesome in summer time. Besides, the bedrooms and living spaces from the apartments possess a broad and outward vision. Using adobe bricks having a structure of even-distributed and-density multiple air holes results in greater seem and thermal insulation in comparison to other construction materials.

Advaned Low-E glass technology Thang Long Number One Advaned Low-E glass technology Thang Long Number One

Advaned Low-E glass technology Thang Lengthy Number 1

Corridor lighting system with Brought is extremely advantageous towards the atmosphere since these materials don’t have any radiation and dangerous ingredients, save 70-80% electricity when compared with normal lamps and also have existence expectancy as high as 50.000h. Sewage system from the building is going to be treated and reused for trees watering and street cleaning. Especially energy utilized in building is solar power taken though solar system on the top.

The hall is nicely designed, equal to hall of 5-star hotel. Hall can organize gala, community activities and media exhibitions. Creating A, with 2 the primary halls, have playground for children, adults …

Furthermore, your building also with indoor and outside pool coupled with bar is a superb spot to relax for those residents in each and every climate conditions.

The Thang Lengthy Number 1 apartments is a mixture of architecture adding towards the face from the new architecture of Hanoi in addition to improving quality of existence, expressing another class towards the residents. Projects marked capacity, brand of Viglacera Corporation, among the corporations leaves its mark in the area of property projects rich in quality: eco-friendly, clean, beautiful and eco-friendly.

THANG Lengthy Number 1 LOCATION

No.1 Thang Lengthy includes a prime position. It’s found on the intersection of Tran Duy Hung, Pham Hung, Khuat Duy Tien Road and Thang Lengthy Avenue. The transportation to surrounding areas is extremely convenient.

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Thang Lengthy Number A person’s location


The preponderant amenities of Thang Lengthy Number 1 apartment will certainly cause you to satisfied whenever you live here.

No.1 Thang Long

No.1 Thang Long”s Overview

Tower A: School area, sports center and indoor pool.

Tower B: Commercial center and outside pool.

Thang Lengthy Number 1 apartment was created with 3 pools by which 1 outside pool, 1 indoor pool in B Tower and 1 4-season indoor pool at level 3 of Tower A with total area 519 sqm.

Outdoor swimming pool

Outside pool

Indoor swimming pool

Indoor pool

Each tower has 24/24 Closed-circuit television system and good securities.

Camera system in Thang Long Number One

Home security system in Thang Lengthy Number 1

Park area in Thang Lengthy Number 1 is easily the most advanced, modern system now.

Basement in Thang Long Number One


– Modern park area

– Location: 3 intering basements

– Design: automatic system

– Total area: 46,486 sqm

– Capacity: 1200 cars ( could be elevated to 2400 cars)

– Total section of commercial center: 11,246.5 sqm at level one to three of Tower A and B satisfying shopping need for all residences.

Commercil center in Thang Long number one

Commercil center in Thang Lengthy Number 1

Eco-friendly tree park between level 20 and 21 with total area 4555 sqm brings a relax and awesome space for residences.

Green park in No.1 Thang Long

Indoor park

Tennis court in Thang Lengthy Number 1.

Tennis court in Thang Long Number One.

Tennis court in Thang Lengthy Number 1

Professional golf court in eco-friendly Park level with wide space to residences benefit from the desire for this aristocratic sport.

Golf court in Thang Long number one

Golf court in Thang Lengthy Number 1

Worldwide standard Preschool.

International standard Preschool

Worldwide standard Preschool

Modern office and hotel

Office and hotel area in Thang Long number one

Office and hotel area

Office area in Thang Lengthy Number 1 apartment

– Office tower includes 18 floors (used)

– Office tower includes 30 floor (3rd period)

– Hotel zone

– 25 floor tower (3rd period)

– Dinning, cuisine area