Residing in hanoi: the reduced lower which district to reside in – the travelling tapir

Moving to a different city, not to mention a brand new country can make you in a small mind spin. The search starts with locating the right to fit your needs with use of amenities, then trying to find an apartment affordable and on the top of this a suitable commute to your work all in all is a fairly tough challenge.

Relocating to Hanoi naturally presented my boyfriend and that i with this particular very dilemma. After hrs of researching, frustrating house viewings and too little comprehensive property websites, I figured it just fair to spend a few of the understanding I gained from the knowledge. Beginning that district to reside in in Hanoi.

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<h3>Flying the Typhoon Through the Mach Loop at Low Level</h3>
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Pinseeker77: Ha ha. Just class.

Cinem Addict: oh man. this comment had me laughing for minutes hahaha. priceless.

magna4100: isn't it wonderful without the toe curling shitty music.

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ash3rr: Fuck my office job, I'd rather be doing this.

R Formonator: your office job probably pays better than a UK fighter pilot. £40,000 is top pay :(

MADelectriCITY: House for sale: Nestled in a quiet valley awaits your dream home far away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

BILL LEYLAND: I know of a chap who bought a dream home in the Lakes in such a valley . . . he was a retired RAF pilot who had always dreamed of retiring to one of the houses he had flown over . . . so he did. And now he has his dream home . . . plus the added bonus of having a fly past from his old squadron. It's a Happy Valley for him! (the sheep think he's a twat though)