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If you wish to feel the true existence of the place, go through it just like a local: have an apartment inside a true neighborhood. Wake to the sounds of street vendors and garbage trucks. Be recognized having a smile from your local noodle-slinger.

If your city strikes your fancy, rent a property for any month and hang in there for some time.

An additional advantage of worldwide Internet networking is it enables us to switch short-term apartments without dealing with a real estate agent or company. Look into the New You are able to City craigslist sublet page and you’ll find lots of Parisians pleased to exchange their Left Bank apartment for any little temporary walking stone around the Upper West Side. Though apartment exchanges are rare in Asia, there are many expats and locals alike who definitely are vacating their adobe and pleased to have somebody reliable inside to settle the bills and make certain nothing fills up. It’s victory-win situation.

I’ve rented beautiful, fully-furnished apartments in Tokyo, japan, Seoul, Taipei, Ho Chi Minh City, Manila and Guanajuato, Mexico. This experience has permitted me to construct a proper routine in the middle of a tumultuous couple many years of travel. I’ve had the ability to host dinner get-togethers, get valuable work done, accommodate buddies from abroad as well as redecorate a little (with permission, obviously).

Here are a few sources:

In most metropolitan areas, begin with Search the apartment rentals. Search All of the groups, as many folks don’t take notice of the specific category and can publish a sublet in ‘rooms / shared’ or “apartments available”.

Airbnb needs no introduction. It is a vital resource nowadays for locating temporary stays. While costs are certainly rising and good spots tend to be more hard to snag because the service gets to be more popular, you are able to more often than not look for a deal in case your timing is appropriate.

Couchsurfing is yet another good resource. Search the ‘groups’ section for individuals offering rooms or apartments. Should there be none, join the audience and publish your personal request. He/she who knocks is going to be let in.

Facebook is great for finding short-term rooms and apartments. Large metropolitan areas may have groups by which people publish apartments which are free for any month approximately. Try searching “Expats in _________” and you’ll look for a group with rooms to provide.


Permanent British teachers need vacations, too. In Taiwan, try There are many British teachers here who pay their very own rent and want to fill their place up before you take time off work. In Korea, since language schools spend the money for rent, I’ve found it’s harder to locate sublets from vacationing British teachers.

Here are the places I’ve rented all over the world:



This area I discovered on Craigslist in Guanajuato, Mexico. It had been about $50/night for brief term. Plus: finding yourself in a nearby hillside neighborhood. Minus: Entering a gunfight in route home one evening.


apartment taichung

Very little happening within this city during the night, so since i have save $ on drinks, I splurged for many luxury high-rise living. I  lived for two several weeks this past year and compensated about $700/month incl. bills and building charges.



I discovered this on craigslist from the guy who needed me to keep an eye on it as they was in California for 2 several weeks. It had been a four-floor semi-mansion having a great open staircase and rooftop garden. Loved it here. I populated the 5 bedrooms with couch surfers from around the globe coupled with a lot of fun the very first time I ever resided in Vietnam.

SEOUL, Columbia


Seoul can also be pricey, and that i rented this from your British teacher as he was home on holiday. I compensated $400 for any one-month stay and enjoyed it. Just like otherwise in Seoul, it had been encircled by bars and restaurants also it was nice to seem like a nearby inside them.

Tokyo, japan, JAPAN


Apartments in Tokyo, japan are costly. It’s difficult to think that the worst place I’ve resided in Asia continues to be probably the most costly. It was about $800/month and that i remained for just one month. It had been situated in Shimokitazawa – certainly one of Tokyo’s hippest neighborhoods. I did previously go to the all-you-can-eat-and-drink Izakayas locally ($40 7pm-11pm). It had been much better than a hostel and merely comparable cost.


Zurich, Switzerland part 2: Bahnhofstrasse, trams, museums, Zug



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denniscallan: Thanks very much for that comment — it is hard for anyone to see everything on the planet, so travel videos do play that role of bringing you there, especially when the program is a long, detailed piece to put you in the "zone" and almost be there. Plus maybe it will inspire many to visit Zurich when they see how interesting it is.

Eisen J Eisen: Ja vol Danke Veil Mal, Wow i'm the only one commenting, you have been eating my heart out, i spent 10 years in Berlin, i should have spent at least half in Zurich, it is a beautiful city and if i get lucky i mean real lucky i will be there, and thank you so much again.

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