Apartments for rental in off-shore place hanoi, modern living area

Off-shore Place Hanoi is really a high-finish complex of sophistication A office, modern apartments, luxury retail restaurants and shops, and 5 basements for parking that was produced by IMO Development and created by Archetype, certainly one of leading architectural practices in Vietnam. Your building is well outfitted with superior interior with modern infrastructure and ideal facilities and services which certainly brings luxury and convenience to resident existence.

Pacific Place Hanoi

General look at Off-shore Place Hanoi

I. Summary Of Off-shore PLACE HANOI

– Name: Off-shore Place Hanoi

– Investor:

JC – Vietnam Pt 18 – Hanoi pt 2


Stephen Watson: By far the most interesting city on the trip . A big city that doesn't look like it's totally succumbed to the onslaught of big business .

retirecheapjc: Yes still mostly mom and pop stores.

rick segal: JC, I live here in Vietnam. The simplest way to get people to assist you everywhere (Street vendors, stores, shops, markets) is to install google translate on your phone. Then you can type in what you want, it gets translated (and pretty accurately) in Vietnamese. Show it and you will get a smile almost always and, most of the time, the young people will even try to type a response back to you. But, for sure, all those phone shops might have been more helpful. I agree with 80% of your global observations and hope your success continues.

retirecheapjc: Thanks Rick. The important part of your comment was, "the young people". I find the young people to be very helpful and friendly.

greg norman: That Aussie beef here if we bought it from the supermarket it would cost us at least twice as much uncooked, and that is here in Aust.

greg norman: There is a very nice Thai restaurant very close near to that lake there, but when I was there you could not even get a cup of coffee after 10 pm except in the hotel

pipbuster: Oh WOW… I bought the same style of selfie stick off Amazon last year because it had the built in tripod for easy table top use.

Teddy 2Shoes: Good on you J.C. you are a treasure trove of information …Keep up the good work…

wjdonner: Do not underestimate skin cancer that all tropical dwellers know about. Better to cover yourself up in the daytime.

wjdonner: As a historian I can tell you that China has a much older culture and civilization than European civilizations. They didn`t even know about Europeans (Caucasians) when they were already major philosophers and medical scientists. Their writings on cancer are much older than their first contacts with Caucasians (Marco Polo 1254 – 1324).