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VIS (Vietnam Worldwide Services) is really a professional website concentrating on customers who’re people from other countries looking for a condo for rental in Ho Chi Minh City. VIS agents are several British loudspeakers that has deep encounters in tangible estate field. Furthermore, because its clients are people from other countries originating from different countries with various time-zone, VIS give a 24/7 service, for the exact purpose of making certain any customers can achieve to VIS and become offered with comfortability. On VIS website, searching for a lot of apartments in five central districts (district 1, district 3, district 4, Binh Thanh district, and Phu Nhuan district), together with 4 primary kinds of the apartment for rental: studio, service apartment, condominium/house/rental property, and room without kitchen. All products have real images and therefore are updated every single day to ensure that customers won’t miss any ideal apartment they might enjoy. Furthermore, any customer uses a assist in visa, VIS also were built with a service for your part.

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What a $400 Apartment in Saigon Ho Chi Minh looks like (room for rent on Bui Vien street)


Zerobladetion Wot: A cheap Apartment is about 30,000 Dong. Mid is about 60,000 dong. Apart is not 400 dollars is a rip off you guys so bad. You can get a 5 star hotel for about 300,000- 400,000 dong about 35 dollars

TeeHee benjce: yeah $400 a month for the good location is worth the price. u can get cheaper with better room but not in good location still bad.

Tran Lily: +benjce\n30.000 dong? That man is crazy, 1$ = 21.000 dong. (Okay, make it round, so let say even 1$= 20.000vnd (Vietnam dong), so 30.000dong = 1,5$.\nThat man is a joke, if he want stay at this nice apartment for that price.\nAnd asking stay in nice apartment in center district/downtown of the city!!! \nAs Vietnamese live in saigon, I say this is not cheat or rip off price. Now, in big city in Vietnam, land is so expensive. Saigon have more than 5.000.000 peoplel it's long ago as I check, not sure now. Everybody want live in big city, that's why.\nHe talking about that price but for at least 30year ago.

Thanh Phan: this bring me back to vientam when i had my ex girlfriend her name is ky ky z huynh…. and have sex with her everyday whenever we get in to the room like this room…. im miss her so much

Long Truong: +Aaron Mulenga lol. Too funny. I laughed😄

amazingdany: I… I want more details.

Richard Garnache: WTF ?  That's about 200 overpriced !  LOL

KatiushaVN4: This ain't apartment. It's more like "room-coverted' apartment to me. We have plenty of real apartments available for long term stay in Ho Chi Minh City, especially in district 7. Why stick to this shitty room for??

Nguyễn Hải Dương: Probably he got paid to advertise this.

Paul Gianni: Thank you for the video! This is a very nice place for the price. Highlight: 1:36 "Ooh! You got a liquor cabinet? This is a really well kept home, guys."