Trinh thi ngo, 87, propagandist referred to as &lsquohanoi hannah&rsquo – the boston globe

Due to her fluency in British, Mrs. Ngo grew to become a marquee personality around the Voice of Vietnam because it evolved more and more into a musical instrument of propaganda wielded against US forces and prisoners of war.

Her broadcasts remembered the sooner efforts of propagandists during The Second World War, recognized to American servicemen within the Off-shore as Tokyo, japan Rose as well as in Europe as Axis Sally. The U . s . States had searched for to dampen the resolve of Hitler’s troops with tracks of Marlene Dietrich, the glamorous German-born Hollywood star, singing songs like the melancholy war ballad ‘‘Lili Marlene.’’

‘‘This is Thu Huong calling American servicemen in South Vietnam,’’ Mrs. Ngo would proclaim, utilizing a name that they had selected for herself which meant ‘‘Autumn Scent.’’ She didn’t learn until later that her listeners had dubbed her ‘‘Hanoi Hannah.’’

‘‘American soldiers loved word games,’’ she remembered. ‘‘I didn’t care what American soldiers known as me. What mattered was they took in to the radio programs that these were the prospective audience.’’

The broadcasts initially lasted 5 minutes but increased to operate for any half-hour and incorporated popular tracks from American musicians for example Elvis and Bob Dylan. Getting attracted homesick troops with music, Mrs. Ngo would read scripts, made by North Vietnamese officials, that chronicled American battlefield defeats, in addition to antiwar activity and social upheaval in your own home.

‘‘Defect, G.I. It’s makes sense to depart a sinking ship,’’ she stated in a single broadcast. ‘‘You know you can’t win this war.’’

She aired statements from actress and antiwar activist Jane Fonda and delivered commentary around the sons of elite American families who’d prevented wartime service. Counting on information from US publications, Mrs. Ngo also read aloud lists of yankee casualties. The aim, she stated, was to help make the troops ‘‘a tiny bit sad.’’


Hanoi Hannah


miniG: she passed away today

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Itanimulli: Have he ever come back to contribute?

Hoàng Hà Lê: Itanimulli i don't know. clearly many vnese people have come back to contribute like my friends, my relatives. My uncle sent his sons to US and New Zealand for studying abroad. They came back and with what they learned, they built the companies, create more jobs for vnese people,..

Khiem Tong: Very elegant person. So sad to see her passing

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