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Hanoi and HCM City housing market is the second biggest in the united states. Based on forecasts of experts, in 2016 both of these markets will grow particularly strongly in support of free airline and East.

Real estate investment in 2016: Choose any direction?

A couple of years back once the property market hot sauce 2008-2010, the home west of Hanoi is much like “golden point” of real estate market within the capital. However, using the decline from the market, the urban project west of Hanoi typically an aspiration from the “giants” of property, only 3 years following the project becomes “dead”. However, in the last 12 months, real estate market go back to growth level was west property flourishes.

Presently, the home market west of Hanoi is split into 3 large areas Trung Hoa – Nhan Chinh, Ha Dong and Cau Dien. Ever regional Trung Hoa – Nhan Chinh – Central Glass (2 county is situated in Cau Giay, Thanh Xuan) is definitely “hot” property project. When we consider the growth and development of el born area recently can easily see it is really an area with rapid growth superlative Hanoi.

Together with Trung Hoa – Nhan Chinh – Trung Kinh, Ha Dong area can also be concentrated the biggest apartment projects in Hanoi. Before real estate market right into a downturn, Ha Dong district is known as the location has got the largest way to obtain apartments in Hanoi, making this even the area with lots of projects “covering projection” when market frozen field. Once the market recovers, a number of projects to restart old and a lot of new projects can also be massively hit the industry.

Cau Dien area is among the western gateway project concentrated largest Apartments Hanoi. In just over 1 km radius round the gate includes a couple of super project and approaching market offering.

Assessing the prospects for that property market west from the capital, Nguyen Hoai An – Deputy Director of CBRE Vietnam stated: “Next time, the region west from the city, across the Thang Lengthy Avenue – where potential land also capacity and improved infrastructure will focus of huge-scale projects within the next 24 months . ”

Based on Ms. An, with an upswing of real estate market, the region west of Hanoi are warming every day.Proof the west and southwest areas take into account nearly 50% of the amount of apartments offered in 2015 to spread out the home prices in this region, namely villas, townhouses has elevated by about 7% when compared with this past year.”This is a great sign,” she An assertion.

When the Hanoi housing market will grow keen on free airline is incorporated in the city, including East Side District 2, District 9 and Thu Duc district will end up the main focus from the market in tranquility.

Previously couple of years, the insurance policy of infrastructure growth and development of the town has switched dramatically towards the east with a number of key infrastructure projects happen to be and will also be invested. Presently Thu Thiem Bridge, Thu Thiem Tunnel and Vo Van Kiet complete, connecting the central city. HCM with regions. Saigon Bridge 2 has formally been put in use because the finish of 2013, developing a transport network within the East quite complete.

Based on MacGregor, Leader of Savills Vietnam, certainly in 2016,  we will witness the HCMC property market more active, especially in District 9.  Many projects within the land segment / villas / townhouses and apartments in this region may also be put available on the market. This really is partially because of the improvement of infrastructure, adopted through the investors started to leave District 2.

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