Hanoi, ho chi minh city areas are “very hot” in the finish of 2016 – site news

Based on data within the set of Vietnam housing market announced by Vietnam National Property Association (VNREA) in October 2016, the transaction volume has elevated by around 17%.

Particularly, in October 2016, there have been 1,300 transactions in Hanoi (a rise by 18.2% in comparison to September 2016). Plenty of new projects were began and offered available on the market in District Cau Giay District, North Tu Liem District, South Tu Liem District, etc.

In October 2016, there were 1,300 transactions in Hanoi (an increase by 18.2% in comparison with September 2016).In October 2016, there have been 1,300 transactions in Hanoi (a rise by 18.2% in comparison to September 2016).

In Ho Chi Minh City, in October 2016, there have been about 1,225 transactions (an increase by 16.7% when compared with September 2016). HCMC’s property supply continues to be complemented by a lot of large-scale projects and concrete complex projects deployed in Binh Thanh District, District 2, District 7, etc.

VNREA emphasized that though the amount of transactions had elevated, the prices continued to be stable. In Hanoi, the typical prices of apartments, semi-detached houses, villas have continued to be stable. Property prices have elevated slightly in a number of high-class apartment projects which infrastructure continues to be completed.

The introduction of this market is stated to become because of cost growing in the finish of the season. Than the same period in 2015, the costs of property in Hanoi have elevated by about 1.3%. Specifically in suburban areas, prices of property have elevated greater when lots of roads happen to be completed. For instance, property prices in Vinh Ngoc, Dong Tru, Dong Hoi (Dong Anh, Hanoi) have elevated by 10-15% than the same period in 2015 property prices within an Khanh – An Thuong (Hoai Duc, Hanoi) have elevated by 10-15%.

Meanwhile, in HCM City market, the costs of property transactions haven’t altered much. Cost increase only happens in many high-class projects which have nice location, and a good credit score support policies.

Lots of affordable apartment projects which are going to be paid have elevated by VND 100 – 300 million in value. In HCMC’s central districts for example District 3, District 5, District 8, Phu Nhuan District, Tan Binh District, Binh Thanh District, etc., house prices have elevated by VND 200 – 500 million when compared with several weeks in the center of 2016. In suburban section of HCMC for example Thu Duc District, District 9, Binh Tan District, Nha Be District, house cost have elevated by 25 – 30% when compared with 2015.

Central Vietnam marketplace is a warm place for resort property transactions with lots of projects open for purchase. The association stated that property inventories ongoing to lower, however the pace had slowed. Inventories mostly are grounds in outlying projects that don’t have sufficient facilities.

Until October 20th, the entire worth of property inventories arrived at around VND 32,709 billion, a decrease by 18,180 billion (equal to 35.72%) when compared with December 2015 by VND 918 billion when compared with September 2016.

Foreign direct investment finance in this sector is roughly USD 1 billion and makes up about 8.1% of total registered capital of recent projects. Based on VNREA, typically, there have been 8 property enterprises established each day in October. The popularity to determine property enterprises began to improve in the finish of 2015.

Based on Ngô Minh/ news.zing.vn

Resourse: http://viet-news.internet/real-estate-markets-hot/

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