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Apartments, Houses, Villas and Offices for rental in Hanoi, VIetnam

Apartments, Houses, Villas and Offices for rental in Hanoi, VIetnam

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My new $250 Apartment in Saigon, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam


Kevin Nguyen: 250 a month and you have more space than my 2000$ studio in NY

Johnny FD: VILLA! 

Clueless Nerd: voila

Mathew Starr: I rent a house in District 3.  2 bedroom, 2 bath, furnished, kitchen, fridge, balcony on second floor.  Parking for 2 motorbikes in my living room.\n$350 month.\nI made a deal with the owner. Don't ever raise my rent and i pay all repairs like AC, fridge etc. \nI pay water and electric but its cheap.  Iv'e been in this house 3 years.

Mathew Starr: I rented a house in District 1 years ago with no furniture, not even a bed or fridge.. After awhile you get used to it and its no problem. Now of course I have everything. \nKeep it simple and enjoy it, Vietnam is fun.

KatiushaVN4: This ain't apartment, dude. This so-called "apartment" basically is just a bed room in a multi-story house, and the owner just converts it into an "apartment" for foreigners to lease. That's why it's cheap.

Tran Lily: +TheNomadWandering \nYou're silly, I don't know who. But for me & many ppl I knew they're not rent small apartment to feel living in CITY.\nI don't what to live in far district in city, why? Cause traffic is shit, I have spend over 1-1,5hour to move in city to working, and go back home at late night & unsafe,etc..I mean that.\nSo if ppl living with their family, they buy or rent house in far district areas cause it's cheaper affordable price but have bigger place.\nWhile mostly ppl, I said mostly not all. Mostly single or single couple or traveler,etc..have to live in near center areas or downtown, not just cause it's make feel "downtown city life", it's also cause of job! You have no idea.

Clayton Morse: Tran Lily How much does a small place cost to purchase, on average, in the city centre? I would love to move there.

boatswainsm8: Awesome place…love the hidden bathroom

Adam Romapecorino: $250/month is about $8/day with full cleaning and laundry service, not to mention its location in the heart of Saigon! It's an unbeatable rent for a studio in HCM City, especially in District 1. This basic room is all we need to start a new life in Vietnam. It's said internet service in Vietnam is one of the best, it's very fast and cheap. The hidden bathroom and the magic laundry elves are absolutely the best, but this is 2014 video! Any update for the price and service in 2015?