How to locate a condo in vietnam

How to locate a condo in vietnam Just Arrived          discuses lease

Vietnam is really a country situated in Southeast Asia. The state language is Vietnamese. The biggest metropolitan areas are Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi, and Hai Phong.

Here is a selection of the greatest sources for trying to find a condo in Vietnam.

Classifieds and Realtors

You are able to frequently have some great finds should you search through the classifieds and realtor listings.

  • Craigslist: Pioneers online classifieds space. This option have a lot of Vietnam apartment options which are updated daily. Craigslist is the initial place I’d check after trying out the Vietnamese-specific search engines like google.
  • VN Renting: VN Renting is indeed a estate agency in Vietnam. Should you give them a call up, they’ve British loudspeakers.
  • HouseforRent VN: This option really are a property agency. Give them a call up should you exhaust options in the sites above.
  • Hanoi Property: Hanoi property isn’t the lovliest site, however it works.

General Apartment and Housing Search Engines Like Google

For those who have already exhausted your choices above, browse the general apartment and housing search engines like google below.

  • Trip Consultant: Trip Consultant is a superb place to go for holiday rentals. Look at different companies this website to determine what generate.
  • A huge within the holiday rental space with qualities featured in regions.
  • Airbnb: Airbnb has qualities displayed for more than 185 countries. You are able to frequently acquire some very good deals.

Helpful Articles and Blogs

Browse the helpful articles and blogs below to learn more that will help you together with your apartment search.

  • Anglo Info: Take a look at this short article from Anglo Info on lease contracts in Vietnam.
  • Saigonist: Saigonist has tips about “How to locate Affordable Housing in Vietnam.”
  • Wander Argentina: Wander Argentina presents “Housing Choices for People from other countries in Buenos Aires.”
  • Vietnam Briefing: This website has info on renting housing like a foreigner in Vietnam.
  • Just Arrived: Just Arrived discuses lease contracts/rental contracts.

That’s it. The very best places for locating a condo in Vietnam. If you are looking at employed in the united states, make sure to take a look at my article on how to locate a job in Vietnam like a foreigner. If you’re single and therefore are searching to boost your dating existence, take a look at my reviews from the best internet dating sites in Vietnam. Enjoy your stay!

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How To Find An Apartment In Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam?


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Luke Butler: I applied!! I can't wait to hear back from you. I actually commented several months ago about Korea but now I know what to do. Hence the fact I applied!

l337z0r: Do you have to sign a 6-12 month contract when moving into an apartment there?

Alex Stevenson: +l337z0r Often, yes. Alternatively you can get a room in a house with other teachers and pay month to month.

slowch33tah: nice vid. how come u moved to hcmc? how was Hanoi?

A Nealson: Because Saigon ( HCMC ) is a city never sleep. It is a city for "party and play".\nIt is famous for that since under French and American regimes.\nHanoi is closed around 11 PM every night. After that, most people stay home and sleep early due to Communist 's rule.

geo123123: Thanks for this video, very useful. I was wondering about deposits over there – do they typically ask for a deposit and if so, how much is it normally? Thanks

Alex Stevenson: Yes, 1 – 2 months usually.

geo123123: Thanks for the info.

T Merc93: what's the deal with gym / fitness facilities out there? health and fitness is a big part of my life and it's not something i want to let slide when i eventually fly out.