Safeguard me, i’m the donnybrook laundry

Safeguard me, i'm the donnybrook laundry doorways to determine

The planet and it is mother ought to be introduced with these doorways to determine on their own, to sense of themselves what it really was like, this really happened.  That this area exists.  All around it the religious lands are now being offered for development.  Somebody somewhere pocketed the cash to make money.  The laundry is and it is history is othered , stop by walls, sliced from the well-manicured, wellstored, well-preserved and well-managed convent that continues to be on the website in the middle of Donnybrook, respected, revered.

This really is private property  now and individuals make use of the local dry cleaners or their Zanussi washer or perhaps a launderette around.  The seem of hands scrubbed collars should you listen you may still listen to it. The vast drums from the automatic washers , the slushing from the water, the mangle from the manglers, the rinsing from the dirty laundry.  Nobody in Donnybrook used dirty clothes in individuals days, all of them switched up spic and span spotless, scrubbed by ‘sinners’.

Safeguard me, i'm the donnybrook laundry Somebody somewhere pocketed the

The chimney stack from the laundry is really a defiant hands of the female inmate.  Screaming out ‘we were here’, ‘we were treated badly’, ‘you wronged us’, ‘you required all from us’.  The tall mast of RTE broadcasting strange half-facts towards the Nation doesn’t hear this.  The world goes by here unknowingly. The existence of presence is one thing many of us should not miss.  Our bones provide us with a feeling of place, a feeling of now.  Like Caesar, like Brutus, like Marc Antony the great is incorporated in the bone, the memory is incorporated in the marrow, living.




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