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5K logoTowson Healthy Hearts 5K Achieves Community Goals

The Healthy Hearts 5K Team want to thank everybody within the Greater Towson position for making our inaugural event successful. With more than 200 participants and sponsor support from Towson’s political, academic, and business leaders, the big event will rapidly be a great local institution. Hopefully to determine everybody again the coming year, together with many new faces.



greenKnollwood Residents To Participate County “Green” Taskforce

We’re honored to announce that Knollwood residents Steve Alper and Lauren Stranahan happen to be selected to participate a citizen taskforce to build up recommendations to safeguard the Sardines Run Watershed. The Watershed forms a sizable part of Knollwood’s western boundary and is an important natural source of the higher Towson community. The citizen taskforce was lately established by Councilman David Marks and can begin work this summer time.

powKnollwood To Incorporate Bang-MIA Remembrance Within This Year’s This summer 4th Celebration

This season, the Knollwood Association includes 50 Bang-MIA flags within their American flag display since the large median strip on Knollwood Rd. The flag display is to establish every Memorial Day, This summer 4th, 9/11, Bang-MIA Day, and Veterans Day. Knollwood residents are welcomed to give additional American flags towards the display.

tusquareKnollwood and Towson College Still Build  Strong Community Ties

Towson College has ongoing to operate carefully with this community and it was most of the recent success from the Healthy Hearts 5K. The TU football team solely manned the event’s water station and also the TU Chapter of Zeta Beta Tau provided needed volunteers. In the last year, TU has also supported our community’s stream clean-up and Halloween Celebration. A hot thanks is out to our neighbors towards the west.


Alain De Botton – Religion For Atheists (Ideas at the House)


Connie Bach: Finally, someone puts religion in a neutral gear!  Alain de Botton is genius in all aspect!

Omri N: Mduenisch, not quite. There’s a difference between thinking these things in your own mind and lecturing them in front of a wide audience like Alain does.\n\nLike the difference between thinking of an invention and actually realising an invention into reality. It’s realising your brilliant idea that makes you a genius, not just having the brilliant idea.

Брудли Блюа: God damit! He doesn’t. Did you even watch it?

marisafari: there’s a hole that many secularists feel. religious people think that hole is the absence of god, but it is the absence of community which religious people automatically have.

Payhole Everdouche: marisafari \nThe downside of ‘community’ is a meddlesome, intrusive, and judgmental community. That sort of ‘community’ that holds you back and down, most of us could all do without.

Vane Fal: marisafari Not necessarily, religious people have the same ‘human-nature’ hole except they don’t acknowledge it? That seems ultimately self-destructive to me. Being unaware of a hole means you likely fall into it.

Chris Clayburn: I appreciate Alain De Botton’s approach to atheism. It is much more balanced and intellectually honest than the snide intolerance of Krauss, Harris, Dawkins and Hitchens.\n\nI think reform of religion and/or the way in which we approach religion could also be an answer for atheists regaining their spiritualism that I think most have admitted (even the 4 horsemen and the “brights” – geese those names are so arrogant) that humans need some form of spiritualism, collective moral guide and sense of community.\n\nI think Christopher Hedges makes a good case for this as one could see religion and a route to Good/God as a process a way of living rather than ascribing to the various passages within scripture although atheists need to realise the difference between metaphor and scientific report.

Voice of Reason: This is atheism. They unlike religious people do not share a set of ideas because they are who they are. They know how to think and are of very different backgrounds and different ideas, which is what makes the world beautiful. If you want everyone to think in a particular way, or live in some utopia, life would be plain boring. I personally prefer a more aggressive (non violent, unlike religions) approach towards religion, and that all those great things he talks about don’t belong to religion. Religion has only adapted.

Payhole Everdouche: You can cover up a lot bad historic deeds with $97 \nbillion dollars per year.

differous01: If Richard Dawkins is a surgeon, then Alain is the occupational therapist.